Friday, February 29, 2008

I dont usually..

In fact i have never,spit out whatever I was drinking,Like they do in movies,when someone is just starting to say a sip and someone says something unbelievable or hilarious, and they spit it all out,to comedic measure.I thought that happened only in the movies.Well I was wrong, it happened to me.The stimulus came in the form of this guy.

The office is absolutely Hilarious.Its too good for words.Its so good it should have a minimum dietary intake or something.No one should miss out on this.

So Michael Scott,Regional Manager of the Scranton branch of Dunder-Mifflin is talking to the docu-crew about stereotyping of black people.
"Imagine a car theif,with a hoodie,bling bling, loose white T-shirt,baggy pant... what image comes to mind.... A white woman.. "At this point the spitting occured... ts not that funny when you write it down you have to see it to realize how good it is...
In the last episode,Michael has to declare bankruptcy.he does that by shouting out in a sombre tone"I.....Declare.... BANKRUPTCY!!!!"
again its funny when you watch it,So ppl go ahead and watch it.

other equally hilarious stuff:Arrested Development,Extras,The Office(Uk)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Kinds of people who annoy me...

1)People who break lines-what they are silently saying is "Stand aside,fool,My time is more important"

2)People who whisper something bad about someone,when the guy is standing right there and with a look on their face which expects you to nod agreement.

3)People who are too 'chape" as they in Hindi,too servile,too sycophantic..

4)people who comment during movies..I remember a gang a mallu school boys making fun of every sher in the first half of fanaa( not that the movie was that good)

on a related note,we had the greatest time while watching Notebook,there were 8 of us and everyone was churning one hilarious quip after the other,i still laugh when I think of that movie.Though everyone liked the movie,and we were conscious that there a good many families in the audience,I guess you just cant help when you are in a gang.However I have found the commenting to be offensive when it comes from people who don't get it.

Things to do in Johnson Park

When it has snowed and no one is around:

1)Run like mad

2)Run like mad after Geese...

3)Wonder if it is abnormal to feel so happy just because,yu LOLed when you fell down with a thud,while kicking snow into a puddle of snow filled water and then LOL again

4)Make a snow angel

5)Take photos

6) Have mob-cam turned off by itself because of exposure to rain and snow.

7)Run like mad,some more.

I finally did it

I work at the Livingston warehouse as a lab assistant.And i usually walk to work.And when I do I pass by the "Protected Ecological Preserve" that occupies a big portion of the Livingston campus and I have always wanted to venture out to those trees.they just look so inviting,kinda like in the movies.Call of the Wild, if you will..[:)]...
So last Sunday, when i realized that my work had to be prematurely stopped, due to a malfunctioning Rotary agitator, ( I was glad i got off work soon)...I decided to see how the woods look from the other side.And it was amazing, If you close your eyes you , hear nothing, except the slow whistling of the tiny stream that runs through was stupid going there alone, It was wrong by every horror movie's standards.This is the Blair witch project.This is the beginning of every zombie movie.Just replace the dumb blond, with a great body with a fat guy with a great body...
And i was thinking of turning back when i ran across some shrubs which refuse to let me pass, but i found a path next to the stream..My plan was to circle around back to the warehouse road,so that I would have taken a semi circular path through the woods.The whole forest was covered with leaves,the quarry of autumn.I could see a small hill/mound ahead of me, that i wanted to conquer/climb.But realized that it was on the other side of the stream.I found a small trail which was leading right in the direction i wanted to go, I followed the path and soon found myself outside of the woods.right at the place where I had often debated, whether I should go in or not....
I imagined I would run into crazy inbred mountain people or something, but the only time I was startled was when ,a triad of deers, ran by.And there was this one eyed guy dragging a huge duffel bag,who looked stunned when I waved to him, whats with that..??

Saturday, February 9, 2008

DC Vs Marvel


I dont know why but I have always been prejudiced against marvel comics.I have always been a DC supporter, but that doesnt automatically disqualify marvel from all forms of affection.Is it because Marvel is right now ahead of DC in terms of sales.Or is it that Marvel is getting their characters turned into movies left,right and centre while DC still struggles with getting that wonder woman film chugging along.I think it has los to do with this lead that marvel has over DC in the comics2film race.DC had the lead there with critically and financially rewarding cinematic renditions of Superman and Batman in a time when marvel had were cheesy live action tv shows.But while the Batman films treaded into cringe inducing fromage territory thanks to joel Schumacher,Marvel brought back comic franchises to tinsel town.I believe it was the success of Blade that set things rolling.And then came the X-men,Spiderman all big money spinners.While they fell flat with the Hulk,The Punisher and the F4,the important thing was at least they were being made.DC did bring back Superman and Batman,with great success i must add, but only those.Their only other C2F i can think of is Catwoman and that left a bad taste in many a mouths and garnered several razzies.
Thanks to Marvel,each year had a big budget comic franchise coming out in sequel form or otherwise.It pisses me off that they are able to gather so much talent into their projects while all DC is doing is getting Fan disapproval.In fact 2008 has 5 major C2F coming up.
1)Iron Man
Stars Robert Downey jr,gwyneth paltrow,Terence Howard and Jeff bridges.Looks like a gr8 time judging by the trailer.
2)The Incredible Hulk.
his came out of nowhere.Edward Norton as Bruce Banner and Tim Roth as the villain Abomination.Directed by Louis Letterier,who did Transporter 2,which was a good fun time.
3)Punisher:war Zone
This one is directed lexi Alexander who directed the superb "Green Street Hooligans".I am forecasting great things for the director, and stupendous fan approval for the movie.

DC only has one flick but its HUGE.The Dark Knight is all the rage on the internet with its viral marketing,featuring the recently deceased Heath Ledger as The Joker.I have issues with Batman Begins,but its the batman flick that is clearly close to the comics.
Dark Horse comics have Hellboy II coming out which also looks great,since it has the uber cool Guillermo Del Toro behind it.

I would rank them in the following order in terms of eagerness to watch
The Dark Knight
Hellboy II
The Incredible Hulk
Punisher:war Zone
Iron Man

DC is having trouble with the sequel to Superman Returns(titled Man of steel) with director Bryan Singer focusing on other flicks at the moment.They do have Supermax in the scripting stages that looks very promising.I dont care for WonderWoman, though the idea of an Island filled with greek babes is definiltely cool in my book.Their recent plans for a JLA movie met with huge fan and internet disapproval.The Flash doesnt seem to be taking off, but I think Ryan Reynolds would fit the role to a T.Marvel also has Captain America,Ant Man and Sub Mariner rolling along quite nice.And then there is the Wolverine movie that seems to be the lone C2F of 2009.

Why do I root for DC.Well the main reason is The Dark Knight.he is my absolutely favorite character.You should definitely read batman:Year One and the Killing Joke.Both excellent works.Also I thing JLA is a lot of fun.I love the Batman/Superman series.The one with them on the run with the whole of the DC-verse after them because they were outlawed by the president had me in throes of Fan-passion.I also love the Batman-Superman friendship, and how they represent the good and dark side of the same force.
On the other side of the road,I absolutely love the X-men.i never cared for Spiderman but have watched a lot of the cartoons, and therefore know the mythology.The recently released,The Runaways is an absolute must read,though they just came out the stories and characters are so well drawn out that it has become one of my Fave series.


They say if you want to make god laugh,tell him your plans.So God tell me,
"Are you ROTL YheavenlyAO?"
"Are you angry with me for throwing away all the chances you gave me?"
"Are you sad,because of how oblivious I am of things to come?"
"or are you shaking your head in disappointment,at every step I take?"

But we are good arent we.You and I.In spite of everything I have done and will do,you know I mean well,well half of the time....Peace.Later...[:)]...