Sunday, April 26, 2009

Summer is so here!!

We dont have AC at our place. What we have are 14 $ fans made by a company called Lasko (?) . Its like a oven here. I am sweating , just sitting here. I have a project due in Wednesday and while I have been propped up at my table , by the window all day, I cant turn away from whats happening outside.My window gives me a great view of the New Brunswick station and the Eastin Ave dorm. The morning saw all these guys and girls all dressed up (or down?) in their summer finery , exiting the dorm in search of cooler pastures. And whats with all these bikers?? So many of them out today. And convertibles too. By the evening I saw many kids being dropped of by their parents. Fathers kissing their daughter, mothers hugging them and looking as if any moment they would break into tears. A desi daughter was received by her two american and very caucasian friends, and while the father shook hands with them , you could see the sweat form on his brow. Strange thing I don't see any sons being dropped off. Do they not go home for the weekend or do they just travel by themselves. Efes the over priced , lousy restaurant next to my apartment has put out chairs and tables outside its premises. So people just sit there even if they are not ordering anything and just watch the other people go by. We have a wonderful stoop downstairs. I plan to sit on it all summer and gawk at the ladies. Right now its just used by my Mexican neighbours and drunk folks from the Corner Tavern. There's also this boutique opposite to Efes, run by a tattooed lady with a chihuahua. "Nothing in this store is over 40$ " a board outside says. Yet I have never seen any customer entering that place or even window shopping. Rt on top of that boutique is a skateboard shop, inhabited by people of the tattooed lady's ilk. Pierced ears, tongues, noses, tattoos, and near goth attire.
I have had three cans of root beer, since morning, and the heat.. it just wont quit. Onkar suggests drenching a towel in water and hanging it behind the fan. I am reminded of a similar effort I an d Rahul made in undergrad. We ended up sprinkling water on the floor and walls. It worked. But we ended up with such a mess that we never used that trick again.