Thursday, July 31, 2008

Notes on The Dark Knight part II

I have closure.I accept that joker will not be in the third batman movie.Frankly,how can you top the Joker Vs Batman scenario presented in The Dark Knight.It has taken the essence of the best batman graphic novels and churned it into a deeply satisfying experience for fanboys and the average movie goer alike.I do not want anyone tarnishing Ledger's performance so I am vehemently against recasting.Perhaps 20 yrs later when they think of reimagining the Batman franchise,they can bring on a new joker.Until then,No Thank you.But still I do wonder had he lived how would the third part turn out.That was the plan, the third part would have been the trial of The Joker.But I have also heard pf Joker dying in this one,scarring Harvey Dent and leaving Two-face to take on the villain duties for the third.Had he lived.This will be one of those cinematic never-will-be's that will haunt fanboys forever.

Trivia:A list of similar we-will-never-know's

1)The best has to be the planned Unbreakable trilogy,which was scrapped because of poor financial performance of the original.It would have shown David Dunn as an established superhero facing off against a new villain.Its the best comic book movie, not based on a comic book.You all know which one is the best comic book movie based on a comic book [;)]

2)The uncut versionof The Breakfast Club.Yes it exists, the way it was meant to be seen before being heavily cut by the studios.Of course,Its owned by John Hughes and there is no way hes inviting you for movie night.

3)The Face-off movie with Schwarzeneggar and Stallone.This would have been their team up.The Blockbuster waiting to happen.But it didnot and now its too late.

4)Ram Gopal varma's Ek.This was supposed to be a thriller set in the world of international espionage and showed a RAW,an ISI and a CIA agent joining forces.

5)The Departed is one of my all time favs.I loved the cast,everyone was great.No complaints whatsoever.Now imagine,what it would have been with Tom cruise and Brad pitt as the leads.Yeah makes you tilt your head,look off sideways and wonder.

6)I loved The Adventures of pete and Pete.One of the quirkiest show ever.Does anyone remember Snow day starring Chevy Chase .That could have been the Pete and Pete movie.Only if it worked out.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The solution

Whatever be your pain.Whatever be your poison.Whatever be your burden,your trouble,worries. Whatever be that eats you from inside remember, when night comes you can cuddle up and sleep.Close your eyes and just sleep.Temporal but ever so sweet.Fleeting but so damn pure.Sleep.

To impress a child....

There is this kid that comes to my workplace sometimes with her mother.Last tue her mother made her sit in my room, on a nearby table.I have always thought that I was good with kids,here was the real test..Would I be equally good with a firang kid?
I am basically a 6 ft kid.I like what kids like,I think like they do, and we get along great.So would I be able to get across to this one.She was watching some movie on her portable DVD player..The Mummy,a movie I had great fun with.So I went over and chatted,
"So do you like this movie?"
She looked at me with eyes that said "wasn't it obvious,with my attention span would i be watching this if I didn't like it?"
I smiled and asked "so you think its scary?"
She shook her head,shyly.
Isn't it great when the bugs come??
"They are called scarabs"Wow,She knew.
"you know there's a new one coming out...
next week " she completed my sentence..
This wasn't going anywhere.. I returned to my seat...
From where I sat I could hear her talk to the other ppl who walked by,what was wrong with me. Was it because i spoke with an "accent".
She came running to me after sometime,"Do you know where the big guy with hair on his ears sits?"
"You mean Ed?"
"yeah,him"I told her where he was.. she spent the next half an hr searching for Ed.When he returned,she told him she wouldn't be here the next day..So no need to bring her the crayons he had promised."Awright" Ed said and walked away.
After some time she came by and started doing some dance..
"So you know ballet?"
No,I will learn next yr.. and she pranced away on her toes like ballerina's do..
I thought to myself,what did I have in my arsenal?I could do this thing with my lip, no thats gross.. I could do this thing with both my hands and a piece of paper.. no too hard for her to follow... I remembered how we were taught to make paper dolls in Art class in 3rd std.I set to work folding and cutting paper.. later when she came over.. I showed her my handiwork...

She looked at me with a puzzled loo.I said "Voila " and...

Her eyes lit up and said "cool".I then spent some time showing her how I made it.She went away when her mother came and called her .So that was a breakthrough, I thought.Later she came and said she was going "And I wont be here tomorrow,is that ok?" she asked
I smiled and said "Thats ok," but before she left i held up my pen called her , "Hollaine" and did that flipping thing that we all did when we were in school.Her mouth went wide open.hah its so easy to impress kids, I thought."You are awesome" That made my day.. that did.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Notes on The Dark Knight

The worst thing is to have anger and not be able to direct it at someone or something.Be helpless,because there is total awareness as to the futility of your attempts.You just cant do anything about it.Nothing.And that eats at you from within.Its an absolute shame that Heath Ledger passed away.My reason of mourning him is inconsiderate,in a way.But because he is no more,he wont return to play The Joker in the third batman film.How goddam wonderful would it be to see those characters face off once again.As an actor,the satisfaction he would have got with the finished product.The poor guy is missing out on all that.

I cant wait for the rumours to begin churning out.I cant wait to know who the next villain is going to be.They say the Riddler,or the Penguin.Who do i want to see?Hush or the Black mask would be fun.or catwoman.How about Robin.People are constantly objecting as some villains are out of the vein of realism that Nolan has set the films to.But there in lies the entire fun.How do you bring these characters to life and still root the film in reality.

Trivia:When i first looked up The Dark Knight on imdb on thursday night it had reached #4 with around 2000 ppl voting.Now when I looked it up again its at #1 with 23,000 ppl voting.

Trivia 2:I wait up till normally sunday for my fav movie site to post the Box office reports.But from what I heard, TDK surpassed Spiderman-3's ,3-day collection record.A definite boost for the out of luck DC universe.Lately marvel seemed to be having all the luck..

Friday, July 11, 2008

Ingrate rodent

So I have been feeding this squirrel for a week now.My plan was to have it eat from my hand, and let me stroke its back.It would come very close, but still be afraid of my movements.This was last Saturday.I left peanuts for it everyday before going off to work which would promptly be eaten up when I returned.So today I see it trying to scavenge some old packet of rice puffs left in the patio.I brought out my box of peanuts and started tossing it to the lil guy.It seemed less afraid this time,more bold.My mind painted all sorts of imageries.I would carry it around on my shoulder,name it Django the fearless,It would come knock at the window when it would be hungry.It would be my trusty sidekick.And rt in the middle of all these thought it LUNGED at me.The bloody thing tried to scratch and bite my hand in a totally unexpected Goju-Ryu Karate style.That scared me,that little rat.I cursed it some more and closed the door.No more peanuts from me,no more.

Trivia:If it wasnt for the bushy tail,it would be no more different than a rat.Its the skinny pink tail of a rat that makes us hate it.The opposite's the case with a squirrel.