Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Most Fitting Anology

Here I was sitting in my office pondering over this and that, you know world stuff, and then it hit me. It was a most startling thought but the more i thought it over the more befitting it seemed.


And if that weren't enough check this out


Don't you see the physical resemblance? The similarity of thought?

Think about it, All encompasing, tolerant, inclusive and kind - Gandhi
Cynical, someone who once fought the good fight but now has turned to darker school of thought,- Jinnah

Should I inform some government agency? Are there any forms that I need to fill out to have this acknowledged by the National Archives of India? Do I need to let Bryan Singer know? There has to be some forms, rt?

Guess that Makes India the X-men and Pakistan the Brotherhood of the Mutants.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

10 movies that rocked my world ' 2010

I am a hunter. Every weekend I step out of the house in a hunt for good movies. Movies to add to this very list. A recollection of the years best and most memorable.This year, I saw a total of 132 movies (Yes, I kept track) 65 at home and 67 in the theater of which 7 were free. Most were mediocre and unmemorable, some memorable for the wrong reasons and some will go into my all time fav list. Without much delay , I present to you 2010:

1) Guzaarish

I would call the movie near perfect. there were a couple of minute details that popped now and then and felt incongruous, but nothing that could distract me so much as to take anything away from the experience. Hrithik better win some awards for this one. Loved his acting and dialogues. His character was genuinely funny, with some really good one liners. I have actually never seen a complete SLB movie before, but this one I loved. Aishwarya dancing to Udi was a sheer cinematic enthralling experience. Similarily Tera Zikr hai was a pleasure to watch

2) Toy Story 3

My second fav movie of the year. Like all Pixar films its a heartfelt story with an adventure thrown in for good measure and a plethora of beloved characters. Oh man that scene with the incinerator. I really thought this was it. I nearly teared up. Nearly. There were people crying all over the theater. Not me .. :).

3) I Saw the Devil

This movie shows you in detail what happens when one Badass Motorfinger meets an equally Badass Motorfinger. If I had not seen any other movie this year, but just this one, I would have still have been happy. It blew me away. Best film of the year. Man, the Koreans are so so good. How is India ever gonna catchup??

4) The Ghost Writer

People wont work with Mel Gibson cause of his anti-semitic rants, but no one says anything about Polanski. Still, if you can separate the man from the art, then watch this movie. One of the best thrillers of the year with a spectacular cast and an amazing atmosphere.

5)The Next Three days

No love for this movie from anywhere in the media. I thought it was a spectacular combination of drama and edge of your seat thrills. The entire second half had me holding on by the seat of my pants. Russell Crowe is amazing as always and nice to see Elizabeth Banks in a serious role.

6) Watchmen

Rorschach's journal : 20 Jan 2011. Is the movie too long, you will ask and I whisper "No". What an exhibition of sheer talent by Zack Snyder. Even though its a long movie I was taut with attention throughout. Rorschach is a complete badass. The opening scenes set to "The times they are a changing" was genius . His monologue at the beginning is so well crafted. I think Mr.Snyder is a great choice for the Superman reboot. Can't wait for it.

"None of you seem to understand. I am not locked in here with you, You are locked in here with me"

7)Election/About Schmidt

Alexander Payne is a genius. With biting humor , his near dark comedies are a ton of fun, filled with flawed yet lovable characters, you can't help be pulled in. I saw this double whammy from the director and had so much fun. Nicholson was amazing as Schmidt and the scene where he tries to seduce a married woman, his return to the house where he was born - stellar. Election maybe Broderick's only other good movie after Ferris Bueller's Day Off. And thank you for introducing me to the music of Donovan.

8) Broadcast News/Lost in America

Both star Albert Brooks. My actor discovery of the year. I am trying to watch all his films now. Broadcast News - I love the fact that John Hurt's character knows that he is maybe not that smart and even though he is the unscrupulous of the lot he works hard at getting his career ahead. Lost in America is hilarious. A couple who drop out of society to travel across america but lose their savings in a night of manic gambling. Just the scene where Mr.Brooks explains his grand advertising campaign to the casino manager is worth it.

9) Girlfight

A girl spars with her boyfriend in the ring at the climax. That's right, the hero and heroine, sparring, and the girl wins. There I gave away the movie. But it made for one of the must engrossing fights I have ever seen on the screen. Michelle Rodriguez always plays the tough chick and you can see where it all started.

10) Superman Returns

Bryan Singer's best movie perhaps. Brandon Routh fits the part to a T. Superman's return and subsequent scenes are filled with a beautiful poignancy. Lex Luthor remains more comedic than villainous , like in the comic books, Kevin Spacey is a delight to watch still. I would have loved to see the organic contimuation of this story, but I guess that's not happening. And the way Brandon Routh's career is going, it looks like he has been struck by the Superman curse too.

11) The Fighter

A very human tale of a boxing family. The Fighters, it should have been called. What is Bale doing to his body? Well, I am sure he will nab the Supporting Actor Oscar. But maybe Geoffrey Rush might steal it from him, for being in a typically Oscar bait movie- The King's Speech. I am guessing Matt Damon and Jeremy Renner may get nominated too.

12) A-team

You have to go with it. That's the only way you are going to love this movie. They have a freaking tank escape a free fall by shooting its cannon towards the ground and use the recoil to lessen their fall. They know they are going overboard and they embrace the fact and that makes for a very fun action movie. I stood up and clapped at the end. I was smiling. You know why? Because I love it when a plan comes together!!

13) True Grit

Hailee Stienfield is definitely a star of tomorrow. She holds up so well against giants like Jeff bridges and Matt Damon. Jeff Bridges is spectacular as always. Its hard to say that this is the second collaboration of Mr. Bridges with the Coen brothers, after the iconic "The Big Lebowski". And Matt Damon biting his tongue and speaking funny after that was a nice touch. A thrilling climax and loved Barry Pepper and Josh Brolin in their roles.

Also Ran: The American, , Scott Pilgrim Vs the World, Get him to the Greek, The Other Guys, Unthinkable, Youth in Revolt, Striker, Wall Street pt1,How to train your dragon, The year my voice broke, Kick Ass, Exorcist III, Black Swan, The Town, Hereafter.

Abhorred: I hate luv Storys, the first five minutes of Housefull before I walked out to the adjacent screen to watch Badmaash Company, Alice in Wonderland, Little Fockers, Kites, TeesMaarKhan (save the Akshay Khanna scenes)

Movie with the worst extras in the world: Rajneeti

Leading ladies I fell in love with: Rebecca Hall - The Town, Kate Bosworth - Superman Returns, Natalie Portman - Black Swan

Still haven't seen: Winter's bone, The King's Speech, Blue Valentine, Green Zone, Let me in and MacGruber