Sunday, July 29, 2007

Pimp my ride...

This is one great show on VH1..This is the better part of the reality TV affinity that all the music channels seem to have acquired.Rapper Xzibit selects one lucky guy/gal driving around with a dilapidated jalopy of an excuse for a car.he then proceeds on to the proverbial pimping!!With the help of West coast customs,they do a mind blowing refurbishing of the car.They put so many accessories,and do such a great job, you wont believe it.i think the accessories come out costing more than the old car.. it is a bit campy at times.but still it is fun.There is always a scene where the West Coast customs guys sit around a table and discuss what to do.It goes something like this.
Big mike"This car has no sponge in the seats, no dashboard.Diggy Dogg what are you gonna do?"
Diggy Dogg:"First of all I am gonna..then.."
Big mike"That will look sweet.The paint job looks real bad...El hombre what are you gonna do about that?"
El hombre:"I am gonna give a aqua blue turquoise coat,since this girl is into surfing.."
Big mike"Niice.This gal also likes hip hop music .Jesse what are you gonna do about the stereo
Jesse:(whos always holding a tester to show he is the electronics guy)I am gonna provide 5.1 stereo surround woofer system, plus I am gonna throw in a DVD player."
Big mike"Gee.. wont that be expensive?"
Jesse"I donna give a *beep*.. its MTV's money"
Big mike"So what are the tyres gonna look like when you are done with them,Donny??"
Donny:"They are gonna be round you dumba$$..."
Big mike:"this car also needs a good engine work., what are you gonna do about that,jerry?..hey wheres jerry??"
Jesse:"He quit.. and so will I if you don't shut the $#%# up.."

What do the lucky guy/gal have to do in return?? They jump around screaming and a lot of *beep*ing ensues as they cant believe that this is their car.They hug everyone and shake everyones hand.You cant believe ppl can get this lucky.its almost like a spanking new car, and its customized.There was this one episode where the guy was given a DVD player cum projector which was installed in his trunk.He couldn't believe it and said if he could just get some DVDs to watch on the thing,next thing you know Xzibit hands him a dozen DVDs.Stop with the giveaways already!!It ends with the guy/gal looking into the camera and saying"Thank you MTV for pimping my ride!!!".. thats compulsory.

Trivia aka unnecessary info:
Xzibit is a play on the word Exhibit.
VH1= Video Hits One

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Agrasen Ki baawli

Who would have guessed that just 50 m from hailey road lies a historic wonder piece.A well that once quenched the thirst of many a travellers.A bath frequented by many a nobles.The place is Agrasen ki baawli and its hidden smack in the middle of the city.It is a great looking piece of construction with different layers and steps leading down to the main well.As you can see in the pic its quite steep.this is where "Bol na halke halke" from Jhoom Barabar Jhoom was shot.Its also featured in Hazaaron Khwaishen Aisi.Well I and Arun made a little trip to this place this friday.I also saw the deepest well ever.Its situated rt at its backside.Though it is great looking, The place reeks of Guano.Bat poo ie.There are probably hundreds of bats hanging at the end of those steps.And there are so many pigeons,that its bird shit central.And there are lots of feathers,everywhere.I wonder how they shot here.The ASI could do well to maintain this place.It could turn out to be quite the tourist attraction.

What about these guys...

If you have ever lived in an apartment complex you must have seen little 10 yr olds who work as servant boys.Many of them are actually bought from their masters' native towns.They get food,boarding and a little something to send home.It must be so sad to grow up in a house that has everything but you are denied everything.While the master's son comes home from school and sits in front of the idiot box till evening he has to run around doing chores.Of course,there are considerate masters too,but you don't hear about them.You hear about the little girl who was tortured for asking for her salary which was denied to her for 6 months.
I remember when i lived at Nirman apartments there was this servant boy who was from Andhra.His masters were newly shifted to the city and their children didn't come down to play.Well sometimes this kid,lets call him venkat cause i forgot his name,would watch us whizzing by on our cycles or playing cricket and you could see that he wanted to sometimes he would sneak out and come stand nearby,sometimes we would let him play.the thing was he was dark and didn't speak Hindi well,so sometimes he would get into fight.You know children are never considerate about feelings.There was regular taunting of "Kallu,kallu"...he once got into a ferocious fight with my brother.Now my brother himself is a wild one.A stubborn,unruly horse if you will.Something happened, i don't remember well and suddenly they were on each other,fists and nails and all.We had to literally pull them apart, and you couldn't make my brother understand that venkat was different,he didn't speak Hindi, that he means well.And venkat himself ,always felt violated.and no one stood by him after the fight.All of us 7 guys on one side and him on the other.that was so sad.How much alone can you make a child feel.All he needs is peer approval, and when all of us stood against him he should have been close to tears.He wasn't.He was furious at all of us.He looked at us with eyes that bellowed anger and said "You well off kids would never understand".Only Shreeram, an older kid who bowled really well but rarely played with us( he was always studying) and who was from Andhra himself came to him and put his arm around him and lead him away.I could see him comforting him and Venkat complaining about the other kids.I sympathized with him.I really did.And at least in this story I was a mere spectator,not a villain.Venkat did come out to play at other times.he played with other groups and sometimes with us(kids bury hatchets quicker than you think)but you knew that this kid was being emotionally violated.I sometimes wondered if this were happening to my brother,would I stand for it?How bad would I feel.There is nothing more insulting to a kid than the taunts of his peer.He went back to Andhra after a couple of years.And thats the last I saw of him.
Now ,I live at pandara road Apts and a couple of houses away from mine, there is a north east family(chinki...for the less suave)They have two teenagers and one servant boy of around 13.He has been given his own barsaathi on the roof.He gets up early morning to clean their hyundai Getz and by the time the master's daughter leaves for CJM, he has wrung the washcloth,and is done with the cleaning.Let the morning chores begin!!Once i was standing in my backyard with my mother and brother.I was in an argument about something with my brother,when my mother said something that made us all laugh out loud.This guy was there on his barsaathi,watching us, and he was smiling.He couldn't understand our joke.But he understood the emotion.Back home he too had shared laughs with his sister and mother.Been a long time ,but.
I wish at least the kids of Venkat and this chinki guy,have a normal childhood..

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The last Potter....

I finished reading Harry Potter and the deathly hallows yesterday morning.It was nice,the second half is excellent though there were some 100 pages or so of nothing happening.The loose ends have been nicely tied up,characters killed off, some unnecessarily just for shock value while some otherwise.This story is more of a mission, rather than a school year so it is different in that way, from the other titles.
But what was with the all the spoilers??I hate these people, who go out ruining other's ending.There were TV channels proclaiming the survival of a main character, How can they do that.Isnt knowing who will survive equivalent to who will not.It was a spoiler, and these channels should learn about respecting other people's boundaries.I felt outraged when I heard it.I had already decided after being exposed to a major spoiler to the previous book( thank you Landam, Thank you Ananth) that this year I would not put my enjoyment of the book at stake.So I was incommunicado for 3 days while I was reading the book.No TV,no net,no sms,no orkut,even no paper.and it worked.too bad people like these guys dont care about other ppls wishes.They are the scum of the earth.i would have given them the A$$ whooping of a lifetime if it had happened to me.morons!!

##############Spoiler Alert:Don't read ahead if you haven't read the book############

At the end of the book, in the epilogue, when Harry's kids names were being told, I half expected one of them to be named after Snape.So I was disappointed when they were not.Hey,if I were writing this thing I would have remembered Snape in the end..Snape is one of my fav characters and I knew he had a reason to kill dumbledore.But later we find out one of the kids middle name is Severus ie Snape's first name.Sweet.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Grand Reunion

I noticed something recently,All i do is describe events.i never comment,or state my opinion.

We had a reunion of sorts at our school today.I must say it went really well.Though not everyone we expected ,turned up the turnout was real good.Ok rollcall... Me,sam,arun,vipul,harpal,gireesh,karthik,pinky,sid b,udit,sachit,oinku
those who couldnt make it:Ab roy,Anang,Kunal,Soumen,piyush,prateek,satty,gaurav

We gathered first one by one at mammaji's house, which is our regular meeting place.we chatted for a good hour or more.It was amazing how everyone talked like it was a regular day in school.Old incidents flowed out like a river. And several interesting college occurrences were also spat out. We hadn't decided anything,so we started off by playing basketball, while another group splintered to play cricket.after a grueling sweat inducing session of BBall and cricket ,with hunger calling out to us, we headed out to galeena, our fav central delhi haunt.There over rounds of Butter and kadhai chicken ( i donno what the veggies ate) we talked and talked and talked.Everyone had so much to much to describe.So much catching up was to be done.Then we decided to head out to barista but it us a bloody hour to come to the decision ,by which some guys had to head home.So the rest of us packed into pinku's car and headed back to school.The weather was fine, though dark clouds loomed and while we were sitting near the bball court, it started to rain.We headed indoors and had another good hour of chatting.after which everyone decided it was time to head home.

many of us would be seeing each other for the last time.Probably.Sam's going to Pune tomorrow.pinky's off to the US on Aug 5.Pinku too is headed to Gujarat.Some may be in Delhi. But honestly how often do we meet?I just hope we keep having these reunions yearly if possible.Though not everyone is gonna live in Delhi.I certainly had a great time, and I am not just speaking about the food.It was a much needed meeting, and I am glad it took place.Everyone left with renewed vigour and revivified friendship.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

My week of mishaps continues

On friday i got late.. real late for the yoga classes.The curse of the lone mynah struck again.This time in hope of catching a direct bus to the yoga centre I walked on over to he nearby zakir hussain Rd.Even as I approached the bus stop i could see two 410 buses passing by.Complacent at my new found mode of commute,I waited at the bus stop-.Sadly the blue line-delhi govt stand off hadn't ameliorated... that menat that hose were the last 410s for a good half hour, at least till the time I waited.I finally caught an auto who agreed to go by metre and set off.but somehow we took a wrong turn and found ourselves in a jiffy.With the help of a grousy old restaurant guy, we reached the destination.But, the driver did not have any change with him for my 50Rs note.I asked a lot of ppl nearby, even 2 shops,no one helped.Somehow the auto driver managed to get hold of some change and I went to my class.

The next day I was asked to collect a statement from federal bank for a account that had been closed.I reached there braving, torrents of rain, grabbed the print out and headed to my Dad's office.I handed it to him, only to realize that the statement was for only the last month.I had specifically asked for the statement for the entire period and even confirmed when the printout was just 2 pages long.The teller had absent mindedly confirmed.Another errand wasted.

On sunday , I had two of my classmates from CET came over for lunch.After that we decided to visit the house of another classmate who had come to Delhi to prepare for IAS.We got drenched in the rain, and by drenched i mean,20 buckets worth of drenching.And we just couldnt find the house.It was 20,Janpath and while 22 and 19 were visible,20 was not.Platform 9 and 3/4 anyone.Well after lots of wearching we finally called her and she came out to lead us home.It was on the way back that I decided to drive away silly superstitions from my could the sighting of a bird spoil an entire day.And how can two of those be lucky??2 wrongs certainly don't make a right.Assured that i was not going to abuse the mynah anymore i headed home.

epilogue:the common mynah() that you see everywhere in New Delhi is currently classified as "least Concern" in the IUCN classification for conservation of animals.So killing a few wont hurt rt??

epilogue 2:I actually completed this article 1 week after the date posted above.And I am all over the mynah cursing.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Got Tagged

Rules are:* Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.* People who are tagged need to write posts in their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.* At the end of your post, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.

I have been tagged by Monu.Here goes.

1.The worst mistake of my life was deciding to put on braces.I have crooked teeth now plus I endured loads of pain.

2.The act I am most ashamed of is partaking in the ridiculing and mocking of a classmate in class 9th,all the while conscious that what I was doing was wrong and downright mean.

3.I hate it when someone explains to me things i already know.I find it insulting.

4.I am a selfish self righteous prick.More or less.

5.I think a lot, so much that i forget to concentrate on the thing at hand.I contemplate what all possible situations could occur in my future.I dwell unnecessarily on the worst case scenario.

6.Another act I am ashamed of is acting like a total a$$hole to my friend arun when i was 5 yrs old, at my birthday party.

7.I talk to God all the time and he answers,one way or the other.And thats all the proof I need.

8.I believe I am forgiving,to an extent.But that comes with my fear of confrontation.

9.I dont like the people I dont like.

Now I gotto tag 8 ppl.But i only know 4 guys who I tag the followin guys


PS:This is a notice issued in public interest.Rochyne is not a guy.She , of course is a Gal.So anyone who made such an assumption,dont.Correct yourself now or repent later.Again Rochyne is in no way a guy.Long live women's Lib.


Before After

"Yits yall the myagic of yexercise,I say"

My unlucky week..

I remember when i lived in Kerala House , I was told that seeing a single mynah is unlucky and seeing two together is lucky.At the time I thought it was a load of bull,but recent happenings suggest otherwise.
On Monday I was supposed to join for yoga classes and give the learner's driving test.I saw a mynah when i went for a walk with my parents rt in the morning.that was when i was reminded of this belief.I couldn't go to for the driving test and i wasted a lot of time at the MDNIY, though I did join for yoga.
On Tuesday i had to wake up at 5:45 to go for yoga.Since there was no direct bus, i had to walk a good kilometre and more and that was when i saw the mynah.The class was Ok, I was surprised to find Gireesh( he was in my school) there.It was decided I would go for the driving test today,but by the time I got there it was 11 am.No probs I thought , since on the website they said they were open till 4:30.But I had to take a couple of photocopies, which I figured would be very ner to the office.. but none were in sight.I had to again walk in the sweltering sun to finally find a photocopy machine and get a auto back only to be told that the test were only till 1230(It was 1:00)Major bummer.Ok, I can come again the next day, I thought.They also told me to get the copies attested.
On wedneday,again i had to wake up at 5:45 to go for yoga and this time I got on two buses to get there.(Suddenly I noticed there was a dearth of buses in Delhi.It was late realized that was because of 600 blueline buses getting their licences cancelled)Again I saw the mynah. actually 4 times.It was around 11 when iset off from home.I had forgotten to get the copies attested, I thought since i am going to a govt office, i could get it attested there.But no one was willing.I scouted about 7 govt offices ion the region but no one agreed.Then i was told there was a place where they attest these copies for you,for a charge.It turned out to be the place I took the copies from in the first place.However.They only notarized, i needed to get it attested.Only some one who know you could attest it for yu.It was 1245.time to go home.I got it atested by my father.
On Thursday I got up early to stand in queue for getting a tatkal passport issued, since my other one was going to expire.We reached there at 7:30 and were sitting there for a 2 hrs before i got the to the counter.But , again i had goofed up.I needed to fill up form 1 not form 2.however my father knew a guy there, he told me to go to his room, where he handed me form no 1.i filled it up and again stood in the queue,but when i reached the counter i was told i needed Annexure I.Since that was the first time i was hearing of Annexure, i knew it was time to head home.( its something you get written on a 10 rupee stamp paper).
Tomorrow, i have to go for yoga nd then to the regional transport office.and if I see a mynah on the road, i swaer I am gonna have it for dinner.

MDNIY:Morarji Desai National Institute for Yoga

Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Inescapable Dichotomy of life

There is perhaps one truth in life.Everything is relative.One true emotion,hunger and one ruling ,overpowering observation ,there is duality in everything and everything around us.Man-Woman,vertebrae-non vertebrae,herbivore-carnivore etc.These pairs are often complements to each other..Take trivial things around you.Star movies and HBO,MTV & channel V,Pepsi-coke,Colgate-close up.Its uncanny how there are two sets of everythingThere may be exceptions but it is duality that dominates.Two,my friends ,is the magic number.

It brings us to our topic of the week: Tea-coffee.I am a tea drinker myself.And I strongly feel that people snub tea for coffee are snobs( and people who dont drink either are indecisive wimps).When did tea become the poor man's beverage?When did it start being looked down upon.( Do I have repressed emotions??)Its those European farmers who are making tea look bad.They are propagating coffee as "cooler".Its not, its a bitter addictive concoction that tastes like sewage water( not that I have tasted sewage water).There are a lot of ppl out there who go"Ohh, look at me..I dont drink tea, I only drink Crappochino from the neighbourhood Barista... or "Tum chai peeta hai,silly fellow,Humko dekho,hum sirf coffee peeta hai".. they dont fare well in my book.We need outlets like barista where they serve tea, and not just ice tea.Shalimar's,thats a nice name.Add to that Indian snacks , a laid back atmosphere,good cushions,good country/blues music,movie posters on the walls. ahh yu got yurself a good hangout place.... sadly these are exactly how cafes hav become.We need counter programming ppl.Chaai/chaaya lovers arise.spread the word.Lets bring back the days of the glorious darjeeling.

Tea can only do you good.Drinking one cup of tea a day saves one tiger somewhere in the world.So drink tea.As Bryan Adams says.. Make tea not war.

Trivia:India is the largest producer and exporter of tea in the world.If Indians increased their intake of tea by one cup , India would have to start importing Tea!!