Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Grand Reunion

I noticed something recently,All i do is describe events.i never comment,or state my opinion.

We had a reunion of sorts at our school today.I must say it went really well.Though not everyone we expected ,turned up the turnout was real good.Ok rollcall... Me,sam,arun,vipul,harpal,gireesh,karthik,pinky,sid b,udit,sachit,oinku
those who couldnt make it:Ab roy,Anang,Kunal,Soumen,piyush,prateek,satty,gaurav

We gathered first one by one at mammaji's house, which is our regular meeting place.we chatted for a good hour or more.It was amazing how everyone talked like it was a regular day in school.Old incidents flowed out like a river. And several interesting college occurrences were also spat out. We hadn't decided anything,so we started off by playing basketball, while another group splintered to play cricket.after a grueling sweat inducing session of BBall and cricket ,with hunger calling out to us, we headed out to galeena, our fav central delhi haunt.There over rounds of Butter and kadhai chicken ( i donno what the veggies ate) we talked and talked and talked.Everyone had so much to much to describe.So much catching up was to be done.Then we decided to head out to barista but it us a bloody hour to come to the decision ,by which some guys had to head home.So the rest of us packed into pinku's car and headed back to school.The weather was fine, though dark clouds loomed and while we were sitting near the bball court, it started to rain.We headed indoors and had another good hour of chatting.after which everyone decided it was time to head home.

many of us would be seeing each other for the last time.Probably.Sam's going to Pune tomorrow.pinky's off to the US on Aug 5.Pinku too is headed to Gujarat.Some may be in Delhi. But honestly how often do we meet?I just hope we keep having these reunions yearly if possible.Though not everyone is gonna live in Delhi.I certainly had a great time, and I am not just speaking about the food.It was a much needed meeting, and I am glad it took place.Everyone left with renewed vigour and revivified friendship.

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