Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Worst things in life..

...are also free. Take mosquitoes for example. They are the spawn of the devil. Creatures of night. Vampires.The deadliest vector known to mankind. They are things I detest as much as the All campus bus. In India where the houses are not exactly weather proof, they find it easy to get in. I don't really care for the disease spreading part (though I should) , its the biting that pisses me off. They are a constant thorn to my late night TV watching and no matter how many you kill they keep coming back. They are relentless. They say there's no rest for the wicked, and the only time I don't see them anywhere in the house is a brief 4 hour slot in the afternoon, when I guess they go to sleep. Otherwise they are alert and always on Arjun duty. I know they fancy me, not only because of the fact I am fat, but also because of my superior quality blood :P. You actually have to make a sincere effort on your part to get rid of them. I hate the odomos routine. In undergrad, All-out was a must in our room. Jimson ,who was next door would stock up on Kachua chap coils, which came into play the nights the power went out. Our desk drawers still bear the burn marks from the You just couldn't go to sleep otherwise. I have often wondered would we be actually affecting any food chain if we kill too many of them. Surely there is not going to be an ecological disaster if they became extinct. There are no toads/frogs in Delhi dependent on them. The way I see it its just us and them in the food chain. If only we pursued them with the same fervor as we did the Dodos and the Tasmanian Devil.