Friday, July 3, 2009

Summer Mid Term Report Card

Its been a shitty summer, and the only good thing so far is that it we are halfway through. Very few movies left a mark or excited me in anyway. I even fell asleep through one. Compared to this year, last year was Golden. Lets see where I stand and what we can hope for in the future.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine : Shitty title, even worse of a movie. Give me my money back. 4/10

Star Trek: God bless Abrams. Not the 9/10 that movie sites pegged it out to be but a very enjoyable 7/10. Yes I am no trekkie.

Angels & Demons: Straight forward by the book thriller. I detested the first part. This one was better.The friend i went with thorughly ebjoyed it and never guessed the obvious twist in the end. Just seeing his satisfied , smiling face made me like this more. 5-6/10.

Drag me to Hell: Loved the climax. But I felt it could have been much much more. And thats where it loses points. Again not the 9/10 everyone purported it to be. 6/10.

Up: Looved it. The beginning montage from Carl childhood to his wife's death is so beautiful. I was almost misty eyed. Almost. great fun rest of the way. Its impossible for Pixar to dissapoint. All psyched up for Toy Story 3. 8/10

The Hangover: The return of Todd Philips. I dont know anyone who didnot love the life out of this one. A very deserving 9/10.
The Taking of Pelham 123: I dont know how they got Tony Scott, Denzel and Travolta to sign up for as generic a hostage flick as this one. I dozed off in the middle. I shouldnt have woken up 10 minutes later. 4/10

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen: Some fun scenes here and there. But 2.5 hours long?? And that too without anything resembling a plotline. Not for me. 5/10

The Hurt Locker: I know I would have liked it more had I seen it without interruption from people around me. Respectable thriller. I wanted to love it more than I did. 7/10

My Sisters Keeper: People cried around me at the ending. That means the film delivers. I liked it. 7/10

For some reason I am not excited at all for Public Enemies.

What I havent seen: Terminator and Land of the lost.

What remains:Bruno, 500 days of summer, HP6, Funny people (yes,yes,yes) , GI JOE(God let this be good, for childhood memories sake), Inglorious Basterds, FD4, The Boat that Rocked.
May Also see: District 9 and The Goods

I cannot understand , for the life of me, the people who actually clapped at the end of TF2 and Pelham 123.

My Life's Purpose

If you had to, what would you dedicate your life to? What would you devote your entire life to achieving and fulfilling? I am 23 years old with no worth while accomplishments to my name. I can carry on living like this. Just be another person in a swarm of humanity that crawls through their daily lives doing things they detest, just to get by. Eat, work, excrete, Repeat. But the very fact that God put us on this earth means something more. It has to. There has to be a higher purpose, a driving force in each of us which goes beyond the mere quest for material possessions. We just cannot spend time doing nothing. Every action , every choice should lead to enrichment of the soul and the body. We should become better than we are. It is hard to change , because we are programmed that way. To take the easy path and to be reluctant to change. But we can also be conditioned to do just about anything. Anything.

So what is my purpose in life. My life is an experiment. Its a test of human commitment and corruption. Can one person give up everything he has worked hard to achieve for the betterment of humanity. Can I after amassing a huge fortune give it up for the sake of the destitute and the impoverished. This is my life's aim. My purpose. To which I dedicate myself.

I found my calling by asking a simple question. Can everyone in the world be rich or is it necessary for people to be poor and deprived. Is our social hierarchy so built, that it would be destroyed by the absence of any one class? Can there ever be a Utopia. or the closest practical thing resembling it on this earth?? Is it what makes us human that is pulling us back, failing us. It is essentially human to be a mix of evil and good. Can only the good prevail? I don't think I can find my answer from a few isolated cases. It needs to a collective reply from the whole of humanity.

I tread the path of salvation .. of the entire human race. And each step in that path is an act of self improvement, betterment and striving to attain a more pure state of existence. I am a vegetarian from today. I cannot waste time on inanities. I have to use more than 10% of my brain capacity. I have to condition myself. I have to constantly endeavor, evolve, assess and improve. Oh yeah, and one more thing......