Monday, December 29, 2008

10 movies that rocked my world '08

Time for my annual column "10 movies that rocked my world". I overheard someone say that it was a crappy year for the economy but a great year for movies. Was it so? I dont know. I really dont feel as if I watched a lot of great movies this year. But , yeah there was the day of The Bat. There were also some other very good movies out, but I also saw some other great movies which did not release this year.Here .. we.. go!

1)The Dark Knight

"This is what happens when an unstoppable force hits an immovable object"
The one that lived up to the hype..and more..Yeah, yeah , I know every other magazine and website out there is calling it their fav movie of the year. So its no surprise. The Dark Knight was my fav movie of the year.THE Movie of the year. THE Best comic book movie Ever!! Everyone loved it, I know but God knows every batfan out there felt the same paternal, protective feeling that I felt when I saw it. The feeling of loving something before everyone else. Is it possible to love a movie more than others? This for me was a movie about people I knew. A film about friends.And that has to make you love it more. So does that mean us "Batfans" enjoyed it more than you puny everyday folks? Yeah, I 'd like to think so.

Fav moment: This is something personal and very wierd. If at some point in a movie I get so involved and ecstatic at the proceedings that goosebumps erupt all over my "sideburn" area, I know its going down as one of my all time favs. Like when I figured out Ash was in cahoots with Mr. Devgan in Khaakee just before they revealed it or when Mr.Elliot Ness asks Mr. Stone "you got the shot?" " Yeah, I got the shot" "Take it" "Bamm". Well it happened in this one too when, The Joker explains to Ms. Dawes how he got his scars, about the scarred wife and gambling problems ever so hinting at " The Killing Joke". Goosebumps, I tell ya!!

2) Tropic Thunder

" I am just a dude ,playing a dude, disguised as another dude"
From the very start , with the fake trailers this film had me loving the hell out of it. Probably one of the best comedies of the year. What a great cast! Mr.Downey Jr. is brilliant in his role as Kirk Lazarus.The scene where he tries to infiltrate the "Gandein logon ka camp" dressed as a farmer is hilarious.The climax had me on the edge of my seat. Its not only a great comedy but it has a very well thought out script. And got to love that Tom Cruise cameo.

3) Slumdog Millionaire

Its great to see India in a mainstream hollywood film( Ok so it wasnt released wide but hey, everyone knows about this one and it may not even be "Hollywood" , but you know what I mean). Danny Boyle is amazing and more so in how versatile he is. People don't expect such a honest and heartfelt love story from the director of 28 Days Later, Trainspotting and Shallow Grave amongst other. You rock, Mr.Boyle !! Also, the music is amazing and blends right in with the scenes, especially the ending. But you have to ask why did it take a Britsh director to tell a story about India, and to bring it to the world. Why isnt our home grown stock potent enough??

4) How to Kill your Neighbor's dog
" Alcoholics have class. I'm a F***ing drunk"
This film started my fascination for Kenneth Branagh. What a powerful actor. I am lapping upanything and everything he throws at me. I would call it scenes from the life of a writer, as he befriends a child next door, his own stalker, a dog that won't let him sleep and all the while trying to complete his new play and come to terms with the fact that he might make a good parent( His wife played by Robin Wright Penn wants a child, he doesn't). Lovely little film that makes you wish you could live forever in the world depicted by these characters.I want to see more films like this.

5) The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

"My name is Benjamin Button, and I was born under unusual circumstances."
The second out of three love stories in this list. First off, amazing special effects. If for nothing else , it should get the oscar for the special effects. This film is almost like Forrest Gump. A very special person's journey through life, meeting other special people and all the while waiting for his one true love. Its also as charming and as humorous ( the entire theatre roared with laughter at the "lightning" part). The scene where they show how Daisy's accident was inevitible, is nothing short of brilliant. David Fincher departs from his usual genre but proves his prowess once again. Interestingly his Zodiac was in my top 10 list last year.

6)Let the right one in

A beautiful story about the friendship between a boy and a vampire. Its equal parts horror and drama. The direction and screenplay are mesmerizing. Some scenes were so well shot and so much fun, I had to rewind and watch them again. If you haven't seen it do yourself a favour and watch it.NOW!!

7)Station Agent

Nothing much happens in this movie, actually. A guy inherits a station house after his friend dies. He moves in and just wants to be alone. He meets a food truck guy, who would like to be his friend. He almost gets run over by a lady, twice. They all take trips along the rail tracks. The guy meets a cute librarian. And the said guy is a short person. Thats it. I liked it. A lot.


Thrillers are my favourite genre, and this is a neat addition to my list of favs. I have often wondered what if something so momentous happens that it makes our daily run around, the daily grind absolutely trivial. Screw that paper you were so worried about, screw your grades, screw every little thing that blows itself out of proportion and takes over your life. Suddenly ,out of the blue, something could happen that could change your life forever.What if the most important thing is survival in the face of a catastrophe.For me, thats what this film examines.

9)Forgetting Sarah Marshall

"You sound like you are from Lonn- daan"
The third love story in the list. Can the Judd Apatow clan do no wrong??Saturday,Nov. 21 ,What a beautiful day it was the sun shone and the birds chirped, but I stayed in and watched 4 films from his camp.A day well spent.The film left me wanting to visit Hawaii. The Dracula puppet song was beautiful. What else can I say? Loved it.

10)The Wrestler

"I'm an old broken down piece of meat and I deserve to be all alone, I just don't want you to hate me"
Wow!! What a film. The story of the twilight years of a once famous wrestler.It doesnt seem like a film, almost like a documentary. You actually feel these are real people. The thing that most struck me about Randy is his innocence.This guy is not bitter, not one bit. He's down and almost out, living in a trailer park, a daughter that won't talk to him, wrestling on the weekends in two bit ciruits yet he lives on. And there is a sadness that looms over Randy that gets to you too. And how wonderful is that song by Bruce Springsteen, it perfectly conveys the sadness of the film. I really wish Mickey Rourke gets an oscar for this one as much as I do for Heath Ledger.

11)Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye

I am allowed an eleventh movie in my top 10, cause its my party and I will do what I want to!!
This is the second movie from Dibaker Banerjee and while I would say its not as good as Khosla ka Ghosla, this too is a real good effort.Its shot in Delhi and thats always a plus in my books. As with the first one, there are strong, unique, well defined and I want to say ecccentric characters., that stay with you even after the movie. Paresh Rawal and Archana Puran Singh excel in thier roles and I really loved the "Criminal/Sansani" guy, they really got the crime show thing from the news channels spot on.The dialogue is really Dilli, with words like "freefund" reminding me of my very own school days lingo. I just don't understand why my roomies did not like it.


Did I mention something about this being my party?? This one too stars the amazing Heath Ledger in an at times disturbing but still touching love story of two drug addicts and the lengths their addiction and love takes them. I have decided as a tribute to Mr.Ledger to watch his entire Filmography.

Films that I had Lots of fun with:, Step Brothers, Kung-Fu Panda, Kingdom of Heaven, Transsiberian, A Wednesday, Absolute Power, Heat, Dead Again, Singh is King, Taken,The Cottage

Films that disappointed: Mummy 3 (couldn't even finish it), You don't mess with the Zohan, Street Kings ( I had high hopes or this one)

I am sad that I did not watch that many Mallu or Bollywood movies, but still seems like I watched lot of movies. I guess it was a good year for the movies.Yes, I got the quotes from imdb, but don't hate me for that.

Thank you, once again Galadriel and SEV for taking me to that midnight screening. You know which one, ;).

Friday, December 26, 2008


I am returning home from a movie and I see this clock tower on top of the Johnson & Johnson building and I think to myself, wasn't there a similar tower in an unreal map?? Then I think of my friend Srini always proclaiming himself to be a natural born Sniper. That guy thinks just because he has played a couple of levels of CounterStrike, he has earned stars. This reminded me of the Sniper in Washington a couple of years ago. It actually turned out to be a retired army guy and his stepson. Hey , that incident caused delays in the release of Phonebooth, didn't it. The bad guy was played by Kiefer Sutherland. Then it struck me , I knew why he was cast in the movie. Its directed by Joel Schumacher and he has worked with the guy before in A Time to Kill. Wow, I figured that out all by myself.Pat yourself on the back Mr.Adimari, pat yourself.

PS: They have also worked together on Flatliners & Lost Boys.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I am not Fat!!

Ok, I am fat.But not in my mind. I can be sated with the most minimal quantities of food. I find that I am not hit with pangs of hunger hours before mealtime. I could easily skip a meal and not reel over and pass out . I shouldn't be fat, not with all these traits of thin people. But I am. And rt now I am as fat as ever.The fattest I have ever been in all my 22 short years. Many times, have I tried to fight the Battle of the Bulge.From the time , Ms.Dimple Khanna told me in the 8th Std to shed the flab so I could look "smart" when I got older to the time when I went on a liquid diet in the 6th sem of my undergrad.There have been times when victory was Oh so near like when I had to put on braces and couldnt actually chew food or the time when I joined a gym (BodyCraft, run by the then Mr.Kerala. Rajesh-ettan) and actually touched 83 Kgs but I just didn't realize that I had actually lost weight to sustain that thin frame. I know there have been times when I wished I would be struck with Typhoid or jaundice and that would leave me looking like a malnutritioned refugee. I know what my problems are. I dont have that finishing power, to see something through to its completion. I have also trained my mind to continuously dwell on food. In my undergrad, the first 3 periods would be spent deciding where I would get Lunch from and the last three on the procurement of dinner. But in my heart, I know I will be thin someday, very soon. Its a life truth. Something I know to be true with all my heart, just like I know I will be filthy rich someday.Its an assumption,a fact thats a basic part of my life and my vision of the future.It cannot be any other way.I know that.

PS: I just realized that I have been fat for 10 years now.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


There was a time I thought the word Mediocre was actually pronounced and spelled mediocore!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Doctor of Popular Culture

Now that we are in a recession and the job scenario doesn't look that bright, people are talking about getting a PhD, I just cant get myself to think about doing so. I could never do a PhD. I have absolutely no knowledge about civil engineering. It feels so good when you tell someone that you are an engineer..
"Engineer, huh?"
"Well I am doing my Masters now"
"Masters??.. wow"
"yeah.. Environmental Engg.."
All the while you feel guilty because you know you know squat.Your counsious rolls into fetal postition and sniffs at your ineptitude. So I thought if I had to do a PhD, what would it be in? I thought and thought and then it struck me.I would do a PhD in pop culture.There are universities that offer courses on various aspects of popular culture. I know there are courses called "Harry Potter and Spirituality in the 21st Century" and "Family Values: What The Simpsons teach us".I would totally be psyched to attend classes like these. I guess I should have taken up Sociology in undergrad. I have always felt the need that we need to properly document popular culture, much like Wikipedia is doing. I know I spend hours on the wiki reading stuff about defunct cartoon shows, one hit wonders from the 80s, Hitler and the Mystic arts, fun stuff like that. What if I were to do this for a living?
Doc of Pop... that has a nice ring to it doesn't it??.. not exactly.

PS: I totally made up the course names.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sudden Realization

I just realized something.I am incredibly lazy.So much that, the moment things start getting rough, I start thinking up of silly excuses to escape.I had for a long time refused to comply with the Indian engineering curriculum, only because they (according to me) employ antiquated teaching methods and syllabus.Similarily when I started working as a lab assistant I would dread at the idea of having to do all the work in front of me.I decided I was not meant to be an engineer, and my true calling lay in the land of moving pictures.The thing is I am just afraid of failure.I am also afraid of confrontation.I guess the only good thing about all this is that I know what my problems are.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

An actor to watch out for

Hes been around for a couple of years, so its not as if this guy is debuting in the coming year or anything, but he has always been a low profile actor, even though he is a leading man and comes from a star family.I am talking about Mr.Abhay Deol, son of famous Punjabi actor Virendra Deol, nephew of Dharmendra and cousin to Sunny,Bobby and Esha.I wont say its his spectacular acting prowess that has won me over.No, he is a decent actor who I hope will break the Deol mould and actually turn in a critically acclaimed performance some day.What has won me over is his choice of films.Hes been in 6 bollywood films and they are all ek se badkar.Socha na tha, ahista ahista and Manorama 6 Ft under are all delightful films that have played outside the "box" described by Bollywood.Ahista Ahista has one of the best endings to come out of bollywood in recent years.Socha Na Tha is what a RomCom should be and Manorama Six Feet Under (remake of Chinatown) delivers as the bleak and dark thriller that it was meant to be,set in a sleepy small town in village. Maybe it is my love for the films hes been in that make me like him, but nonetheless I eagerly await his upcoming films- Dev D, a reimagining of devdas and "Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye" - the latest film from the director of "Khosla ka Ghosla". Also, two of his films are set in sadi dilli, and thats always a plus in my book.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Mallu Film Titles...

I have to say Mollywood has the best film titles out there. They are really snazzy, vibrant, and stand apart.I guess a lot has to do with some of them being actual pieces of dialogue.Like "Irrikyu, MD akathundu" which translates to "Please have a seat,the MD is inside".Some of these lose their effect when they are translated,but still I have compiled a list of some titles I could remember.

1)Manjil Virinja Pookkal- the flowers that blossomed in the winter/snow
2)novemberinte nashtam- the loss in November
3)mukundetta sumitra vilikyannu- Mukund bhaiyya,aapko Sumitra bula rahi hai
4)Aayiram Navulla Ananthan- Thousand tongued Ananthan
5)Chinthavishtayaya Shyamala - the Worrisome Shyamala
6)Deshadanakili Karayarilla - Migratory Birds do not cry/chirp
7)Ee Ganam Marakkumo -Will you forgot this song ( wow, that sounds so melodramatic)
8)Ennu Swantham Janakikkutty -Yours Janakikutty (like at the end of a letter)
9)Hareendran Oru Nishkalankan - Hareendran is a simpleton
10)Yathrakkarude Sradhakku - For the attention of the passengers
11)Veendum Chila Veettukaryangal - Once again ,some domestic matters (and I win the Horrible translation award )
12)Sathyabhamaykoru Premalekhanam - A love letter for Satyabhama
13)Sakhakkale Munnottu - Forward,Comrades

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

There are people in my computer...

Living breathing people who watch me and surprise me at the strangest of times.It all started with random banjo music spewing out from my lappi.Then the music grew into random dialogues,angry voices which I attributed to spyware..But when even spybot couldn't remove the problem I realized it was something far more sinister.Onkar suggested it might be possesed.Pandeyji,an ever devout Hindu joked it was the voice of God.Aakashwani.The voices prophecied that Bush would be remembered fondly long after he is gone.They said Obama was the devils spawn and Mccain the second coming of the Lord.Thats when it hit my rational mind.I knew who it was who had took my hp dv6500t hostage.Its them goddamm republicans!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

2 months without a post!!

I have procrastinated long enough.I was thinking of a witty topic to come out of hibernation with .But I am dry as a parched well.I realize i could have gotten a good many posts out of my internship at the DRBC.A govt institution with really stinky pay but really nice people.A relaxed and laid back place which reminds you of govt offices back home.I made friends and for the first time I was really spending time with americans, not the faux firangs of Cedargarh.
I could have also written about my trip to India.Yeah, I went home and came back.The first thing that hits you when you get out of the airport is the the heat.Your skin could scald off.The next thing is the crowd.Its everywhere.Its as if they are following you.You cant escape it.I wish i had more pleasanyt things to say abt my homeland but it only strikes you when you come back from a stint abroad that your country could do with some improvement.Lots of it.Have you seen parodies of NRIs who only drink mineral water and complain abt everything when they come to India.I was that complaning,bitchin, guy.Its inevitable and my friends agreed they felt the same when they went to India.The prices are all sky high.At some places you might as well pay in dollars.In fact i did ,one time.My bro hit a zen by accident and they demanded we pay them 900 bucks.. all we had on us was a 20 green one and they accepted that.. silly Indian ppl,Tum nahi janta , thats only 800 Rs.Chole bhature,paani puri.,Hotel Ashwathi and my dear Zam Zam.I accomplished what I went for ,Haha.It was great to be back among familiar sights and sounds.My decision to eventually go back to India in 6-7 yrs has became firm as iron.That is where I belong and that is where I must be.

I should and will write abt my new place.Its right in the middle of new brunswick shehar.The location is deadly.Its so good it hurts.We have a neat little place on top of Corner Tavern.I have a great view from my window.In fact thats what I am going to write abt next.
Thats all for the day.. take care you all....

PS:Happy bday to Gandhiji.. You the man,bapu!!

PS2:I hope I dont jinx myself.Om H1B-aaya namaha...successfullaayi praaptaha... shanti shanti hi...

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Notes on The Dark Knight part II

I have closure.I accept that joker will not be in the third batman movie.Frankly,how can you top the Joker Vs Batman scenario presented in The Dark Knight.It has taken the essence of the best batman graphic novels and churned it into a deeply satisfying experience for fanboys and the average movie goer alike.I do not want anyone tarnishing Ledger's performance so I am vehemently against recasting.Perhaps 20 yrs later when they think of reimagining the Batman franchise,they can bring on a new joker.Until then,No Thank you.But still I do wonder had he lived how would the third part turn out.That was the plan, the third part would have been the trial of The Joker.But I have also heard pf Joker dying in this one,scarring Harvey Dent and leaving Two-face to take on the villain duties for the third.Had he lived.This will be one of those cinematic never-will-be's that will haunt fanboys forever.

Trivia:A list of similar we-will-never-know's

1)The best has to be the planned Unbreakable trilogy,which was scrapped because of poor financial performance of the original.It would have shown David Dunn as an established superhero facing off against a new villain.Its the best comic book movie, not based on a comic book.You all know which one is the best comic book movie based on a comic book [;)]

2)The uncut versionof The Breakfast Club.Yes it exists, the way it was meant to be seen before being heavily cut by the studios.Of course,Its owned by John Hughes and there is no way hes inviting you for movie night.

3)The Face-off movie with Schwarzeneggar and Stallone.This would have been their team up.The Blockbuster waiting to happen.But it didnot and now its too late.

4)Ram Gopal varma's Ek.This was supposed to be a thriller set in the world of international espionage and showed a RAW,an ISI and a CIA agent joining forces.

5)The Departed is one of my all time favs.I loved the cast,everyone was great.No complaints whatsoever.Now imagine,what it would have been with Tom cruise and Brad pitt as the leads.Yeah makes you tilt your head,look off sideways and wonder.

6)I loved The Adventures of pete and Pete.One of the quirkiest show ever.Does anyone remember Snow day starring Chevy Chase .That could have been the Pete and Pete movie.Only if it worked out.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The solution

Whatever be your pain.Whatever be your poison.Whatever be your burden,your trouble,worries. Whatever be that eats you from inside remember, when night comes you can cuddle up and sleep.Close your eyes and just sleep.Temporal but ever so sweet.Fleeting but so damn pure.Sleep.

To impress a child....

There is this kid that comes to my workplace sometimes with her mother.Last tue her mother made her sit in my room, on a nearby table.I have always thought that I was good with kids,here was the real test..Would I be equally good with a firang kid?
I am basically a 6 ft kid.I like what kids like,I think like they do, and we get along great.So would I be able to get across to this one.She was watching some movie on her portable DVD player..The Mummy,a movie I had great fun with.So I went over and chatted,
"So do you like this movie?"
She looked at me with eyes that said "wasn't it obvious,with my attention span would i be watching this if I didn't like it?"
I smiled and asked "so you think its scary?"
She shook her head,shyly.
Isn't it great when the bugs come??
"They are called scarabs"Wow,She knew.
"you know there's a new one coming out...
next week " she completed my sentence..
This wasn't going anywhere.. I returned to my seat...
From where I sat I could hear her talk to the other ppl who walked by,what was wrong with me. Was it because i spoke with an "accent".
She came running to me after sometime,"Do you know where the big guy with hair on his ears sits?"
"You mean Ed?"
"yeah,him"I told her where he was.. she spent the next half an hr searching for Ed.When he returned,she told him she wouldn't be here the next day..So no need to bring her the crayons he had promised."Awright" Ed said and walked away.
After some time she came by and started doing some dance..
"So you know ballet?"
No,I will learn next yr.. and she pranced away on her toes like ballerina's do..
I thought to myself,what did I have in my arsenal?I could do this thing with my lip, no thats gross.. I could do this thing with both my hands and a piece of paper.. no too hard for her to follow... I remembered how we were taught to make paper dolls in Art class in 3rd std.I set to work folding and cutting paper.. later when she came over.. I showed her my handiwork...

She looked at me with a puzzled loo.I said "Voila " and...

Her eyes lit up and said "cool".I then spent some time showing her how I made it.She went away when her mother came and called her .So that was a breakthrough, I thought.Later she came and said she was going "And I wont be here tomorrow,is that ok?" she asked
I smiled and said "Thats ok," but before she left i held up my pen called her , "Hollaine" and did that flipping thing that we all did when we were in school.Her mouth went wide open.hah its so easy to impress kids, I thought."You are awesome" That made my day.. that did.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Notes on The Dark Knight

The worst thing is to have anger and not be able to direct it at someone or something.Be helpless,because there is total awareness as to the futility of your attempts.You just cant do anything about it.Nothing.And that eats at you from within.Its an absolute shame that Heath Ledger passed away.My reason of mourning him is inconsiderate,in a way.But because he is no more,he wont return to play The Joker in the third batman film.How goddam wonderful would it be to see those characters face off once again.As an actor,the satisfaction he would have got with the finished product.The poor guy is missing out on all that.

I cant wait for the rumours to begin churning out.I cant wait to know who the next villain is going to be.They say the Riddler,or the Penguin.Who do i want to see?Hush or the Black mask would be fun.or catwoman.How about Robin.People are constantly objecting as some villains are out of the vein of realism that Nolan has set the films to.But there in lies the entire fun.How do you bring these characters to life and still root the film in reality.

Trivia:When i first looked up The Dark Knight on imdb on thursday night it had reached #4 with around 2000 ppl voting.Now when I looked it up again its at #1 with 23,000 ppl voting.

Trivia 2:I wait up till normally sunday for my fav movie site to post the Box office reports.But from what I heard, TDK surpassed Spiderman-3's ,3-day collection record.A definite boost for the out of luck DC universe.Lately marvel seemed to be having all the luck..

Friday, July 11, 2008

Ingrate rodent

So I have been feeding this squirrel for a week now.My plan was to have it eat from my hand, and let me stroke its back.It would come very close, but still be afraid of my movements.This was last Saturday.I left peanuts for it everyday before going off to work which would promptly be eaten up when I returned.So today I see it trying to scavenge some old packet of rice puffs left in the patio.I brought out my box of peanuts and started tossing it to the lil guy.It seemed less afraid this time,more bold.My mind painted all sorts of imageries.I would carry it around on my shoulder,name it Django the fearless,It would come knock at the window when it would be hungry.It would be my trusty sidekick.And rt in the middle of all these thought it LUNGED at me.The bloody thing tried to scratch and bite my hand in a totally unexpected Goju-Ryu Karate style.That scared me,that little rat.I cursed it some more and closed the door.No more peanuts from me,no more.

Trivia:If it wasnt for the bushy tail,it would be no more different than a rat.Its the skinny pink tail of a rat that makes us hate it.The opposite's the case with a squirrel.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Shawaii Chicken

I am coming......

PS:Photo taken without permission from here.Copyright owner.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Single Dad

I am a single dad but not by choice.I have two kids.I get up early and go to work.I work from 9-5 ( ) and then return home.The train ride back is lonely.I spend time thinking of the monthly expenses.It worries me, but I know in the end things will work out.I arrive at my stop.I cant take the ALL CAMPUS.I detest it.I walk home with the setting sun as my sole companion.I come home to an empty house.The kids all left,apparently in a hurry.Things are all in a mess.The entire house is.I silently shake my head in disapproval.I get into the night clothes and start dinner.The kids will be home soon.They will be hungry and demand food.The neighbour comes over.He speaks of his children and how they are away for a month.He is happy.I invite him to dinner, he hesitates but agrees.I know he wanted me to.I smile to myself.We chat as we cook.The kids come,eat ,make noise,fight with each other,watch TV and go to sleep.The neighbour decides its time he go home too.He too has to go to work.The plates are all unwashed, the kitchen is a mess.Its just another day in my life.I decide its time to turn in.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Great Indian Babu

I am a clerk.The Great Indian babu.A file Pusher.Given the work no one wants to do.The trivial work.Bordering manual labor.Dressed in formal clothes,with the enthusiasm of a rookie, that I know in my heart, will evaporate by the end of the week.I look around,wheres ramu, whos to get me my chai and samosa.In the US of A,theres no ramu,if there was to be one it would be me.The lowest common denominator.The bottom scraper.The base of the pyramid. Like Ryan from The wait he was a temp.Me?I am worse.I am the lowly intern.


Its an amazing-ly lazy day.I don't feel like doing anything.I don't know what to do.I don't feel one bit hungry,having gorged myself like a hog in the afternoon.I don feel like watching a movie.Its almost sacrilegious to say I feel fed up with watching movies all day long.I have no pending work to do.just a 10 min touch up on a report that can be done at 11:59 pm on Sunday.I don't want to browse the net,I don't want to read anything.I don't want to go back to sleep.I have no will in me left.I have no ambition and before I know the day will have whizzed by.Whats a guy to do..??

I don't feel like but i guess i will go to Johnson park...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sudden Thoughts-1

The Internet is Bountiful and Unending... !!!

This realization had to come on the day before my Finals..

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Real nice article..

12 down 63 to go.....

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Childhood Dilemma-II

When i was a kid ,i was an idiot.. but then,you already know that.There was this time when i was so pepped up on superheroes that i decided that the only career path i would tread would that be of a Crime Eradication Specialist.I wanted to be a superhero.its not some kid dressing up with his fathers old mundu doubling as a cape.[Incidentally, that would be my dumb brother, with the equally dumb moniker of "Lungi Boy".. lame-O]No, i was spending a good amount of time deciding my base of operations, my theme music, costume,suitable sidekick names and special moves.But i was really caught up in a fix, I couldn't decide if i would be a ninja or a caped crusader.Both seemed too good to give up the other.. and then soon after i lost interest,.... but every once in a while when i am alone ,or walking back after class or from the lab I imagine i am a ninja,with adeptly swirling my kitanas or I imagine that I am batman... lame-o...!!

Childhood Dilemmas-I

When i was a kid, I was an idiot.A big all kids are.There was a time when i got so pepped on multistar bollywood flicks like, tridev,vishwatma,karma,roop ki rani choron ka raja that i decided i would make my own film,very soon too.
So I told my dad, i am making a movie its called "Hello,Hello,Hello"[god knows why i chose that title] and it stars, Jackie Shroff,Anil Kapoor[my two fav actors at that time] and Kishore kumar [where did he come from? was i making a musical].
My father said"ok, i will put in the money,kid, theres just this little probelm."..I looked at him with eyes that said "yeah, go on..".. "That last guy,kishore..hes dead.."..
"huh,dead as in RIP dead, what am i ever going to do..." I kid you not, i spent the next 10 days wondering how to bring Kishore back from the dead..It saddened me that one of my lead actors was not in the best of health..I spent endless hours pondering over this world shattering crisis... I gave up in the end , not before coming to a conclusion.. All actors should film footage of themselves performing the Navarasa.. This could then be used [with suitable voice over work] by any 7 year old filmmaker who might want to cast them,and not be held back by little things like mortality .

Monday, April 28, 2008

The Constant Downloader

I have become too lazy to type,so if have a page open on imdb,and want to get to another page, i keep clicking on actors and their movies until i reach the desired page for eg.I am on Charlie Sheens page and i want to get to Blood Diamond:Charlie Sheen-being john malkovich-cam diaz-minority report-steven spielberg-catch me if you can-leo di caprio-blood diamond voila.....

I like flipping through imdb, crawling, connecting one actor to the other, and along the way discovering old movies, remembering the ones i have seen and liked, and ones i have heard of but never bothered to see... and i have added them all on my dwnld list... i have a huge torrent collection....around a 100 films on my lappi and another 50-60 on DVDs... and too little time ..

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Before sunset

This has got to be the best scene from the film.

There's wind that blows in from the north.
And it says that loving takes this course.
Come here. Come here.
No I'm not impossible to touch I have never wanted you so much.
Come here. Come here.
Have I never laid down by your side.
Baby, let's forget about this pride.
Come here. Come here.
Well I'm in no hurry. Don't have to run away this time.
I know you're timid.
But it's gonna be all right this time.

its sad Kath Bloom did not achieve the fame she deserves....

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Subway ,its nice.I like.

say the above part as Borat Sagdiyev would.

I recently discovered Subway.And I love it.I cherish each bite I take.I enjoy every morsel.I close my eyes and cant be surprised by how tasty it is.It feels good in my mouth.I get so much joy in just chewing the sandwich that i don't want to swallow it.It feels so good, that i want to believe how healthy it is.Its so filling.
I woke up last Sunday and decided the only breakfast to do justice to my hunger would be at subway.I want to eat only from subway.My idea of the good life has changed.I want to start my own subway shop and sit behind the counter and collect money.I will make my own lunch and dinner with as many ingredients as i want to.Subway is the no.1 franchise of 2008.There is a seminar on Thursday at Statten island for people who want to buy a franchise.I have 2 classes on Thursday.I am going to Statten Island.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

this really pisses me off...

You know whats ultra super annoying raised to the power 10?When someone spoils the ending of a movie for you."oh, the one where the killers are all children...","hey doesn't this guy betray everyone towards the end"..."They shouldn't have let him die.."... and stuff like that... Its the worst thing you could do to a movie buff... and I detest ppl who do that to no end.. One of my roomies is exactly that... He will make it his life's mission to ruin any movie you are watching.. And the worst part is I cant get back at him.. This guy will only watch a movie when someone has told him the entire story till the end credits rolls.. He will then decide if its worth his time or not.. That is sooo wrong.. you cannot do that... Not only is he missing out on the experience, he is depriving me the chance to get back to him.. My school friend Ab Roy, would use do this, but he would only tease and never be an ass,he being an avid cinephile... though he would read the last page before starting any book...
This has made me wonder whether I should tread on the dark path... should I allow myself the knowledge... the truth without taking the whole journey, the complete pilgrimage... Popular culture has already ruined star wars ("Luke,I am your father") and Psycho("we all go a little mad sometimes")... should I glance through the wikipedia synopsis before watching a movie...
Its wrong in so many ways.. unholy and defiling to the movie gods.. I shouldn't... Though I have thought of cutting up crappy movies into 5-6 parts and watching them in random order and piecing together the story from that..Just to bring the movie watching experience up a notch..

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A random thought

At 4:33 pm, I lay in my bed,contemplating how I should spend the next hour before I had to dash off to class.My eyes,dilated by staring thoughtlessly to the ceiling,came back to life when I realized i could do with a sip of water.As i stood up, my eyes fell upon the 2 chairs in the patio that we have discarded because of the scratches they produce on the floor.They were facing each other.It was as if 2 people were sitting on them talking.An image conjured up in my mind,2 of my room mates conversing,sitting across each other, having woken up early,sipping tea.Where did that come from.Well it was from the final hostel trip in Undergrad, when the 12 of us from Lords Hostel for Boys,were put up in a cottage that a friend owned.5 of us,woke up early one day ,made black tea,and chatted sitting on the balcony.Then we decided time was right for a walk, and we walked off into the wilderness of cinnamon and pepper plantations that surrounded us.
Where is that camaraderie.That feeling of brotherhood.I fail to find it in these 4 walls,not from me and not amongst the others.We are existing together,perhaps tolerating each other...2 of us don't even acknowledge each other's presence.Its childish,its absurd,but its happening and I guess egos are too big to be healed by words..
I put the chairs right again,before heading to the kitchen.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

10 films i am looking forward to in 2008

I should have written this earlier,in no particular order, here goes nothing,

1)Street Kings
From a script from Kurt Wimmer(Equilibrium) and James Elroy( the author of LA confidential,White jazz et al) and directed by David Ayer and a great cast ,this thing has many things going for it.I love cop-gangster flicks.Just hope this one is good.

2)The Dark Knight
This was a no brainer.batman.Bale.Joker.Ledger.Twoface.Eckhert.Nolan.I.AM.There.Though I have issues with batman begins, it remains the truest portrayal of the caped crusader.I watched the trailer again last knight[;)] and i am all prepped up for this baby.

3)The Incredible Hulk
I wrote earlier about marvel having all the luck.Edward Nortan plays Bruce banner and that alone is enough.

4)Righteous Kill
Deniro and Pacino reunite for the third time.This time they actually share some screen time like all the time.As 2 cops on the trail of a vigilante killer.both look really old in the trailer, but this awesome twosome demand that i be there come opening day.Plus Cop-gangster.count me in

5)Hellboy 2:The Golden Army
Another comic book adaptation.Guillermo Del Toro is an amazing the first part was good too..

6)Tropic Thunder
A group of actors in army boot camp prepping for a war movie get accidently drawn into a real war.This thing looks hilarious.

7)You don'y mess with the Zohan
Adam sandler as a Mossad agent who quits everything to be a hairdresser in NY.Watch the trailer its LOL.Though sandler has dissapointed in the lasst few years, except for Click.This thing comes from a script by Judd expect good things

Tom Cruise stars in this movie about a failed Hitler assassination carried out by his own officers.

Ed Zwick directs this WWII pic about 3 russian brothers go militia on Nazi Invaders.

10)Quantum of Solace
Casino Royale was a very well made and entertaining film.I saw it again recently and am all pepped up for the sequel.

11)The Happening
M.night Shyamalan, one of my fav directors returns in this thriller about a mysterious sickness that causes people to kill themselves.

12)Iron Man
i am not a big fan of the comic , but this great material to be translated to the screen

13)The Punisher:War Zone
Only because the lady who directed The Green Street Hooligans is directing this.

Also looking good:Get Smart,Wanted.Body of Lies,The Love Guru,Pathology,Smart people,

Friday, March 28, 2008

"I possess total Knowledge"

"I possess total Knowledge"said Prof.Trefor Williams raising both hands in a mock exultation.He was telling a kid in the front seat not to act like a Mr.Know-it-All.The kid,Josh always sits in the front seat and like all intelligent individuals has opinions.Opinions,that his mind feels should be accepted as fact by all.So every class, has a verbal banter between the Guru-Shishya much to everyones amusement.Cause it is hilarious the Prof picking on the annoying kid,and the annoying kid not getting it.

Anyway i felt it was a great line.Say it aloud."I possess total Knowledge".Well i know a guy who acts like he possesses total knowledge.He will try to offer his advice on discussions relating to Envrionmental Engg that I have with my roomie.He will also peer over my shoulder if I have a book open ,read for 2 seconds,look up as if making calculations in his mind, then nod his head, as if he solved the question,I have been pondering over for 20 minutes,then walk away with an air that says "you are totally not getting it".Its all a tad irritating to put it mildly.It drives me mad.You know what else makes me mad.Technical jabber emerging from the same guy, who goes on to talk of circuits,VLSI,DSP et al ...bull..And the thing is I provoke him.I trigger him by asking him about his sem and his subjects.There are times when he will come and talk to me and I will pretend I am not listening(cause i have my headphones on),thinking he will go away.But he taps me on my shoulder to make me aware of his presence.Then he goes on to spew out the driest topics,and he will stop at places to make sure I am listening, as if in a trance I prod him on, "then what"..."know I don't know ,tell me".But the guy means well.He's a good kid.So all is forgiven... now go out and play...

PS: Say it with me, Aloud.."I possess total Knowledge"

That line is so cool I am going to say it everyday,just to hear the words roll off my tongue..
"I possess total Knowledge" <>

PS2: the kid Josh is actually a 28 year old Bridge Inspector who is enrolled in the doctoral program.I think the prof picks on him too much, but then the prof, he...he possesses "TOTAL KNOWLEDGE"

Is it ok to be away from home...??

I am afraid I will be away from home for so long that I will stop being homesick.Or that when i return home I feel out of place,because my comfort zone has been rebuilt somewhere else.I would never want mother says my Jyathakam (My horoscope) speaks of a long tenure away from home.How long it doesn't say.It could be over,it might not even have started,like the impending recession.My stubborn mule of a mind refuses to call any place else home.I made sure I call it "Hostel" or "Apartment".I have issues..I know.
August this year,will mark 5 years since started my Theerthatanam( pilgrimage/travels in search of self),though its basically studies that took me everywhere.I did not join Infosys because I wanted life to be on my terms.I did not want them to toss me anywhere they want and make me work like a slave.It would have definitely meant a permanent move from Delhi.If I were to work like a slave, let it be on a salary that makes me feel it to be worthwhile :) ...People come to the US thinking they will go back in 5-10 years.They never do.They settle down.Life makes you face things you dread inside.I fear thats what will happen to me.I live constantly with a feeling of impending doom...

PS:My God i don't remember the utensils that we use back home.I could always tell what dish was cooked in what pan/Kadhai.I am forgetting the commonplace things.Its definitely a sign of something...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Awesome TV

I never thought 2 guys cutting a piece of wood would make for good television, but damn was this saturdays Roadies good.Nihal beat the living shit out of loud mouth Vikrant and it made for some nailbiting moments.I bet on Nihal earlier with my roomies and won 6 bucks.He came through this time, otherwise he too was all talk and no results.I wanted Anmol to be in but she quit that was pathetic.Last season it was Bani.This season its Nihal.And Sonel cheering him finally made me like her,but I still think shes dumb.I want Ashu and Shambhavi to win in the next ep.
This is seriously awesome TV!!!

Yesterday night..

Last night I woke up drenched in sweat,panting, and thirsty.What woke me up, I couldn't remember.It was not Rufus,the resident Axe murderer in my dreams.I did not forget to turn of the stove,I had switched on my downloads before going to sleep, and I had procrastinated enough things for the next day.Then what was it that woke me up??...Something was amiss...I went to the kitchen switched on the light,killed as many scrambling roaches as i could,and checked if any food was left outside.No.What was it, I had brushed my teeth, the doors were locked.None of my neighbours were awake.I tried to go back to sleep,thinking what it was, was i dreaming something?I was,faint images sprang up in my mind.Not Rufus.He's on vacation to Camp Crystal Lake.This dream was something I was enjoying.I shut my eyes tight and tried to reenter the dream.I couldn't lose it, I shouldn't.I fell asleep.I woke up this morning with no clue what the dream was about.The glad cheery feeling in my heart told me i had successfully dreamed that same dream again.

Friday, February 29, 2008

I dont usually..

In fact i have never,spit out whatever I was drinking,Like they do in movies,when someone is just starting to say a sip and someone says something unbelievable or hilarious, and they spit it all out,to comedic measure.I thought that happened only in the movies.Well I was wrong, it happened to me.The stimulus came in the form of this guy.

The office is absolutely Hilarious.Its too good for words.Its so good it should have a minimum dietary intake or something.No one should miss out on this.

So Michael Scott,Regional Manager of the Scranton branch of Dunder-Mifflin is talking to the docu-crew about stereotyping of black people.
"Imagine a car theif,with a hoodie,bling bling, loose white T-shirt,baggy pant... what image comes to mind.... A white woman.. "At this point the spitting occured... ts not that funny when you write it down you have to see it to realize how good it is...
In the last episode,Michael has to declare bankruptcy.he does that by shouting out in a sombre tone"I.....Declare.... BANKRUPTCY!!!!"
again its funny when you watch it,So ppl go ahead and watch it.

other equally hilarious stuff:Arrested Development,Extras,The Office(Uk)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Kinds of people who annoy me...

1)People who break lines-what they are silently saying is "Stand aside,fool,My time is more important"

2)People who whisper something bad about someone,when the guy is standing right there and with a look on their face which expects you to nod agreement.

3)People who are too 'chape" as they in Hindi,too servile,too sycophantic..

4)people who comment during movies..I remember a gang a mallu school boys making fun of every sher in the first half of fanaa( not that the movie was that good)

on a related note,we had the greatest time while watching Notebook,there were 8 of us and everyone was churning one hilarious quip after the other,i still laugh when I think of that movie.Though everyone liked the movie,and we were conscious that there a good many families in the audience,I guess you just cant help when you are in a gang.However I have found the commenting to be offensive when it comes from people who don't get it.

Things to do in Johnson Park

When it has snowed and no one is around:

1)Run like mad

2)Run like mad after Geese...

3)Wonder if it is abnormal to feel so happy just because,yu LOLed when you fell down with a thud,while kicking snow into a puddle of snow filled water and then LOL again

4)Make a snow angel

5)Take photos

6) Have mob-cam turned off by itself because of exposure to rain and snow.

7)Run like mad,some more.

I finally did it

I work at the Livingston warehouse as a lab assistant.And i usually walk to work.And when I do I pass by the "Protected Ecological Preserve" that occupies a big portion of the Livingston campus and I have always wanted to venture out to those trees.they just look so inviting,kinda like in the movies.Call of the Wild, if you will..[:)]...
So last Sunday, when i realized that my work had to be prematurely stopped, due to a malfunctioning Rotary agitator, ( I was glad i got off work soon)...I decided to see how the woods look from the other side.And it was amazing, If you close your eyes you , hear nothing, except the slow whistling of the tiny stream that runs through was stupid going there alone, It was wrong by every horror movie's standards.This is the Blair witch project.This is the beginning of every zombie movie.Just replace the dumb blond, with a great body with a fat guy with a great body...
And i was thinking of turning back when i ran across some shrubs which refuse to let me pass, but i found a path next to the stream..My plan was to circle around back to the warehouse road,so that I would have taken a semi circular path through the woods.The whole forest was covered with leaves,the quarry of autumn.I could see a small hill/mound ahead of me, that i wanted to conquer/climb.But realized that it was on the other side of the stream.I found a small trail which was leading right in the direction i wanted to go, I followed the path and soon found myself outside of the woods.right at the place where I had often debated, whether I should go in or not....
I imagined I would run into crazy inbred mountain people or something, but the only time I was startled was when ,a triad of deers, ran by.And there was this one eyed guy dragging a huge duffel bag,who looked stunned when I waved to him, whats with that..??

Saturday, February 9, 2008

DC Vs Marvel


I dont know why but I have always been prejudiced against marvel comics.I have always been a DC supporter, but that doesnt automatically disqualify marvel from all forms of affection.Is it because Marvel is right now ahead of DC in terms of sales.Or is it that Marvel is getting their characters turned into movies left,right and centre while DC still struggles with getting that wonder woman film chugging along.I think it has los to do with this lead that marvel has over DC in the comics2film race.DC had the lead there with critically and financially rewarding cinematic renditions of Superman and Batman in a time when marvel had were cheesy live action tv shows.But while the Batman films treaded into cringe inducing fromage territory thanks to joel Schumacher,Marvel brought back comic franchises to tinsel town.I believe it was the success of Blade that set things rolling.And then came the X-men,Spiderman all big money spinners.While they fell flat with the Hulk,The Punisher and the F4,the important thing was at least they were being made.DC did bring back Superman and Batman,with great success i must add, but only those.Their only other C2F i can think of is Catwoman and that left a bad taste in many a mouths and garnered several razzies.
Thanks to Marvel,each year had a big budget comic franchise coming out in sequel form or otherwise.It pisses me off that they are able to gather so much talent into their projects while all DC is doing is getting Fan disapproval.In fact 2008 has 5 major C2F coming up.
1)Iron Man
Stars Robert Downey jr,gwyneth paltrow,Terence Howard and Jeff bridges.Looks like a gr8 time judging by the trailer.
2)The Incredible Hulk.
his came out of nowhere.Edward Norton as Bruce Banner and Tim Roth as the villain Abomination.Directed by Louis Letterier,who did Transporter 2,which was a good fun time.
3)Punisher:war Zone
This one is directed lexi Alexander who directed the superb "Green Street Hooligans".I am forecasting great things for the director, and stupendous fan approval for the movie.

DC only has one flick but its HUGE.The Dark Knight is all the rage on the internet with its viral marketing,featuring the recently deceased Heath Ledger as The Joker.I have issues with Batman Begins,but its the batman flick that is clearly close to the comics.
Dark Horse comics have Hellboy II coming out which also looks great,since it has the uber cool Guillermo Del Toro behind it.

I would rank them in the following order in terms of eagerness to watch
The Dark Knight
Hellboy II
The Incredible Hulk
Punisher:war Zone
Iron Man

DC is having trouble with the sequel to Superman Returns(titled Man of steel) with director Bryan Singer focusing on other flicks at the moment.They do have Supermax in the scripting stages that looks very promising.I dont care for WonderWoman, though the idea of an Island filled with greek babes is definiltely cool in my book.Their recent plans for a JLA movie met with huge fan and internet disapproval.The Flash doesnt seem to be taking off, but I think Ryan Reynolds would fit the role to a T.Marvel also has Captain America,Ant Man and Sub Mariner rolling along quite nice.And then there is the Wolverine movie that seems to be the lone C2F of 2009.

Why do I root for DC.Well the main reason is The Dark Knight.he is my absolutely favorite character.You should definitely read batman:Year One and the Killing Joke.Both excellent works.Also I thing JLA is a lot of fun.I love the Batman/Superman series.The one with them on the run with the whole of the DC-verse after them because they were outlawed by the president had me in throes of Fan-passion.I also love the Batman-Superman friendship, and how they represent the good and dark side of the same force.
On the other side of the road,I absolutely love the X-men.i never cared for Spiderman but have watched a lot of the cartoons, and therefore know the mythology.The recently released,The Runaways is an absolute must read,though they just came out the stories and characters are so well drawn out that it has become one of my Fave series.


They say if you want to make god laugh,tell him your plans.So God tell me,
"Are you ROTL YheavenlyAO?"
"Are you angry with me for throwing away all the chances you gave me?"
"Are you sad,because of how oblivious I am of things to come?"
"or are you shaking your head in disappointment,at every step I take?"

But we are good arent we.You and I.In spite of everything I have done and will do,you know I mean well,well half of the time....Peace.Later...[:)]...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I dont care for Subash Ghai ...

I think I dont particularly care for the guy or his films.I never did get why he is called the "Showman of India".Did he start circulating the title himself, ala Tobias Funke in Arrested Development.I looked through his filmography and apart from a few i dont think he has done much to boast about.Yes, he is not a follower of formula and the stories are different but nothing to get me railing behind his next project.the only film i love as in LOVE is Meri Jung which starred Anil kapoor as a brilliant young lawyer who fights against a villainous Amrish Puri.Also Karma is a fun flick as is Karz.everything else is so so and mediocre at best (wink).

1)Mr.Ghai did not have a single flop until Yaadein and then Kisna..the warrior poet(is there any other kind?)
2)His next flick is Yuvraaj, a title which brings up imageries of medieval time kings and queens.It has Salman Khan and Anil kapoor...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

SHOCKING:Heath Ledger dead!!

I certainly didn't expect this.Not one bit and I was genuinely shocked.He has always come off as a good actor though i have seen in only a few films..10 things i hate about you, comes to mind.His role in this year's "The Dark Knight" as Joker has been much talked about.The internet has been abuzz with viral marketing for the "The Dark Knight" with the Joker's tag line "Why so serious". I would like to predict an Oscar nod for him.Has the Oscar been awarded posthumously??I donno.I don't want to sound callous here, but If Joker survives "The Dark Knight", who will portray him in the next film...?
His death is certainly a loss to Hollywood,he was one of the bright young ones, and his passing away at the age of 28 is certainly tragic.RIP Heath...

Director Chris Nolan's reply to why Heath Ledger was selected for the role of Joker
"He seems so fearless"

PS:Only Actor to win a posthumous Oscar: Peter Finch, for Network

Monday, January 21, 2008

If i could have one wish...

This day too shall pass..the day to come will pass too .There are moments when you wish last forever.I just wonder at times what if i forget the good memories i have.What if a couple of them slip in through the cracks of my brain and hide away forever.If only there was a way to look back and see .."yeah i was doing this on the 24th of ...".I would like my entire life my life to be documented.Every inch and bit of it.But for my eyes only.I want to be able to remember everything I did.from the most shameful to the most proud acts.You cant feel the same way about events that have passed.But to be able to have a glimpse of that emotion.Events that made you, just like the cells make up the body you inhabit.
But i find it tedious to maintain a diary.the only solution i can see is..Time travel.Of course, it would have to be a non invasive journey.Observe only ,dont interfere.Beware, the effect of the fluttering butterfly.Like a tv show."the Arjun show"..starring me as me.But only one viewer.Me.I would have the option to take along people for the show.But it would have to more real than something played on a screen.Something like a 3D show..only its 4D.That would be the coolest thing ever.I would love to observe myself as a kid playing around.There are no baby photos of my brother,and he was the cutest baby ever.And I mean EVER.chubby cheeks,curly hair et al.i would like to see my bro as a baby.I would like to see my parents in their youth.The photos i have at home of them in 80s attire is wonderful.I would like to see the real thing.We like the same kind of music, we could be friends even..Also Delhi in the 80s.That is something I have dreamt of for so long.Vacant roads,dotted with ambassadors and marutis.A time when it was not too crowded.When the term NCR was non existent.. just the new and the old...Yeah ,I would love that.

PS:they say time travel will never happen.Cause if it were to happen we would already have visitors from the future.
PS2:what if the only type of travel possible was non invasive??

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Things you miss...

I have been away from home before.I spent 4 years in Trivandrum during college.And i whined,cried and bitched all the time about how I should I have remained in Delhi.I thought up things that were different in Delhi than Tvm.There were tons of things I missed. Family,friends,the winters,the wide tree lined roads,TV,home made food and loads of stuff.And now as i sit here, away from home again at a different place I suddenly realized of a new thing to add to the list.Without a TV, you are not exposed to the new Ads that play back at can catch up with the movies,the Tv shows and stuff, but how do you admire and bemoan the ads that play in between?And the sad thing is they are so fleeting,staying on air for a few months and vanishing from air time and public memories alike.I have always loved watching smart and clever advertisements and am absolutely nostalgic about the ones that played in the 80s and early 90s.My whole generation is.Its the same feeling you get when you turn an old readers digest and see the print ads from the 80s.There were many ads aimed at the urban elite,completely in crisp oxford english but there were also the Aam Aadmi type ads.
Hopefully I will return home in around 7 years.It will be like just like an extended stay at college.And while other things will be same,it will be the ads i will have missed.

Did you know:
If you stay up late to watch TV you get to see ads that play in the gulf countries,cause they start viewing programs aimed at those viewers.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

A spectacular waste of time

Its been 17 days since the winter break started and i have done nothing useful.I was really looking forward to the break, and had prepared a list of things to do.I was going to use the time very judiciously.I was going to turn my life upside down.But none of the plans have been even set rolling let alone brought to fruition.Whatever spare time I get I try to watch a movie or some TV show.I sometimes feel that I should close up this laptop and hide it away.It is the devils box,I tell you,cast from the fires of hell.
A lot of this lifestyle comes from the fact that I went to an Engineering college.A place where you can get good grades just by studying before exams and copying down assignments and submitting them on time.This is what four years of engineering does to you.It makes you so deadline driven that without a proper deadline in sight or someone pressuring/ordering you, you just don't get things done.It removes the ability to take initiative and accomplish tasks.If not anything, it provides a good excuse,to blame my laziness on...[:)]

I did go for a walk in Johnson park.The Raritan is frozen I never thought that a moving body of water could freeze.Well the Niagara freezes so this should be a no brainer.I took some pics, and i wanted to post them here but i just cant figure out how to remove the damn Mem card from my mobile.

Friday, January 4, 2008

The Wondrous expansion of Mr.Adimari's Behind

I found out tonight how people die from being beaten to death.If the feeling that is now concentrated to my behind, the constant throbbing of nerves ,were ever to be replicated to other parts of anyones body, he would surely die.I now understand how others might have felt when i laughed gleefully as people damaged their precious booties.My God, I got the beating of my life today.What a way to turn 22.
I never did think that it could hurt so much.I was not at all apprehensive of the bumps.I was playing the caring host, as my friends sipped on the choicest (read cheapest) spirits and aperitifs that money could buy.And when the first blow fell, i realized what i had gotten into.I had to stop them several times to gather my bearings.People were ruthless and how.I have never hit anyone ,only lifted them on their birthdays.
"A good Building...AAAAAAHHH"
.....needs a ....AAAAHHHH...."
..... good foundation....AAAAAAHH, sweet mother of God.."

People were merciful, shyam did not complete his entire count to 24, and some guys were too empathatic to hit.After the torment was over, i went to take a bath to wash away the egg/beer paste that Mahesh had so lovingly prepared.And as I checked myself in the mirror,i saw my behind swollen to twice its size.hmm... i was imaging blood and lesions.. well my behind matches my pot belly.. nice..

First Prize:Venkat
He says a silent prayer,concentrates as he decides where exactly his blow will land and WHAM!!I looked away.half the pain is the expectation...

Second Prize:Shyam
I prepared a paste to adorn shyams head on his Bday, and my bumps were nothing compared to the brutal assault that happened on his bday.But I got the much needed payback.His kicks consist of a series of hard ones each followed by a clap of hands.He plays football.And believe me he is very good....:)...