Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Childhood Dilemma-II

When i was a kid ,i was an idiot.. but then,you already know that.There was this time when i was so pepped up on superheroes that i decided that the only career path i would tread would that be of a Crime Eradication Specialist.I wanted to be a superhero.its not some kid dressing up with his fathers old mundu doubling as a cape.[Incidentally, that would be my dumb brother, with the equally dumb moniker of "Lungi Boy".. lame-O]No, i was spending a good amount of time deciding my base of operations, my theme music, costume,suitable sidekick names and special moves.But i was really caught up in a fix, I couldn't decide if i would be a ninja or a caped crusader.Both seemed too good to give up the other.. and then soon after i lost interest,.... but every once in a while when i am alone ,or walking back after class or from the lab I imagine i am a ninja,with adeptly swirling my kitanas or I imagine that I am batman... lame-o...!!

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