Wednesday, October 15, 2008

There are people in my computer...

Living breathing people who watch me and surprise me at the strangest of times.It all started with random banjo music spewing out from my lappi.Then the music grew into random dialogues,angry voices which I attributed to spyware..But when even spybot couldn't remove the problem I realized it was something far more sinister.Onkar suggested it might be possesed.Pandeyji,an ever devout Hindu joked it was the voice of God.Aakashwani.The voices prophecied that Bush would be remembered fondly long after he is gone.They said Obama was the devils spawn and Mccain the second coming of the Lord.Thats when it hit my rational mind.I knew who it was who had took my hp dv6500t hostage.Its them goddamm republicans!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

2 months without a post!!

I have procrastinated long enough.I was thinking of a witty topic to come out of hibernation with .But I am dry as a parched well.I realize i could have gotten a good many posts out of my internship at the DRBC.A govt institution with really stinky pay but really nice people.A relaxed and laid back place which reminds you of govt offices back home.I made friends and for the first time I was really spending time with americans, not the faux firangs of Cedargarh.
I could have also written about my trip to India.Yeah, I went home and came back.The first thing that hits you when you get out of the airport is the the heat.Your skin could scald off.The next thing is the crowd.Its everywhere.Its as if they are following you.You cant escape it.I wish i had more pleasanyt things to say abt my homeland but it only strikes you when you come back from a stint abroad that your country could do with some improvement.Lots of it.Have you seen parodies of NRIs who only drink mineral water and complain abt everything when they come to India.I was that complaning,bitchin, guy.Its inevitable and my friends agreed they felt the same when they went to India.The prices are all sky high.At some places you might as well pay in dollars.In fact i did ,one time.My bro hit a zen by accident and they demanded we pay them 900 bucks.. all we had on us was a 20 green one and they accepted that.. silly Indian ppl,Tum nahi janta , thats only 800 Rs.Chole bhature,paani puri.,Hotel Ashwathi and my dear Zam Zam.I accomplished what I went for ,Haha.It was great to be back among familiar sights and sounds.My decision to eventually go back to India in 6-7 yrs has became firm as iron.That is where I belong and that is where I must be.

I should and will write abt my new place.Its right in the middle of new brunswick shehar.The location is deadly.Its so good it hurts.We have a neat little place on top of Corner Tavern.I have a great view from my window.In fact thats what I am going to write abt next.
Thats all for the day.. take care you all....

PS:Happy bday to Gandhiji.. You the man,bapu!!

PS2:I hope I dont jinx myself.Om H1B-aaya namaha...successfullaayi praaptaha... shanti shanti hi...