Wednesday, October 15, 2008

There are people in my computer...

Living breathing people who watch me and surprise me at the strangest of times.It all started with random banjo music spewing out from my lappi.Then the music grew into random dialogues,angry voices which I attributed to spyware..But when even spybot couldn't remove the problem I realized it was something far more sinister.Onkar suggested it might be possesed.Pandeyji,an ever devout Hindu joked it was the voice of God.Aakashwani.The voices prophecied that Bush would be remembered fondly long after he is gone.They said Obama was the devils spawn and Mccain the second coming of the Lord.Thats when it hit my rational mind.I knew who it was who had took my hp dv6500t hostage.Its them goddamm republicans!!!

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