Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I dont care for Subash Ghai ...

I think I dont particularly care for the guy or his films.I never did get why he is called the "Showman of India".Did he start circulating the title himself, ala Tobias Funke in Arrested Development.I looked through his filmography and apart from a few i dont think he has done much to boast about.Yes, he is not a follower of formula and the stories are different but nothing to get me railing behind his next project.the only film i love as in LOVE is Meri Jung which starred Anil kapoor as a brilliant young lawyer who fights against a villainous Amrish Puri.Also Karma is a fun flick as is Karz.everything else is so so and mediocre at best (wink).

1)Mr.Ghai did not have a single flop until Yaadein and then Kisna..the warrior poet(is there any other kind?)
2)His next flick is Yuvraaj, a title which brings up imageries of medieval time kings and queens.It has Salman Khan and Anil kapoor...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

SHOCKING:Heath Ledger dead!!

I certainly didn't expect this.Not one bit and I was genuinely shocked.He has always come off as a good actor though i have seen in only a few films..10 things i hate about you, comes to mind.His role in this year's "The Dark Knight" as Joker has been much talked about.The internet has been abuzz with viral marketing for the "The Dark Knight" with the Joker's tag line "Why so serious". I would like to predict an Oscar nod for him.Has the Oscar been awarded posthumously??I donno.I don't want to sound callous here, but If Joker survives "The Dark Knight", who will portray him in the next film...?
His death is certainly a loss to Hollywood,he was one of the bright young ones, and his passing away at the age of 28 is certainly tragic.RIP Heath...

Director Chris Nolan's reply to why Heath Ledger was selected for the role of Joker
"He seems so fearless"

PS:Only Actor to win a posthumous Oscar: Peter Finch, for Network

Monday, January 21, 2008

If i could have one wish...

This day too shall pass..the day to come will pass too .There are moments when you wish last forever.I just wonder at times what if i forget the good memories i have.What if a couple of them slip in through the cracks of my brain and hide away forever.If only there was a way to look back and see .."yeah i was doing this on the 24th of ...".I would like my entire life my life to be documented.Every inch and bit of it.But for my eyes only.I want to be able to remember everything I did.from the most shameful to the most proud acts.You cant feel the same way about events that have passed.But to be able to have a glimpse of that emotion.Events that made you, just like the cells make up the body you inhabit.
But i find it tedious to maintain a diary.the only solution i can see is..Time travel.Of course, it would have to be a non invasive journey.Observe only ,dont interfere.Beware, the effect of the fluttering butterfly.Like a tv show."the Arjun show"..starring me as me.But only one viewer.Me.I would have the option to take along people for the show.But it would have to more real than something played on a screen.Something like a 3D show..only its 4D.That would be the coolest thing ever.I would love to observe myself as a kid playing around.There are no baby photos of my brother,and he was the cutest baby ever.And I mean EVER.chubby cheeks,curly hair et al.i would like to see my bro as a baby.I would like to see my parents in their youth.The photos i have at home of them in 80s attire is wonderful.I would like to see the real thing.We like the same kind of music, we could be friends even..Also Delhi in the 80s.That is something I have dreamt of for so long.Vacant roads,dotted with ambassadors and marutis.A time when it was not too crowded.When the term NCR was non existent.. just the new and the old...Yeah ,I would love that.

PS:they say time travel will never happen.Cause if it were to happen we would already have visitors from the future.
PS2:what if the only type of travel possible was non invasive??

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Things you miss...

I have been away from home before.I spent 4 years in Trivandrum during college.And i whined,cried and bitched all the time about how I should I have remained in Delhi.I thought up things that were different in Delhi than Tvm.There were tons of things I missed. Family,friends,the winters,the wide tree lined roads,TV,home made food and loads of stuff.And now as i sit here, away from home again at a different place I suddenly realized of a new thing to add to the list.Without a TV, you are not exposed to the new Ads that play back at can catch up with the movies,the Tv shows and stuff, but how do you admire and bemoan the ads that play in between?And the sad thing is they are so fleeting,staying on air for a few months and vanishing from air time and public memories alike.I have always loved watching smart and clever advertisements and am absolutely nostalgic about the ones that played in the 80s and early 90s.My whole generation is.Its the same feeling you get when you turn an old readers digest and see the print ads from the 80s.There were many ads aimed at the urban elite,completely in crisp oxford english but there were also the Aam Aadmi type ads.
Hopefully I will return home in around 7 years.It will be like just like an extended stay at college.And while other things will be same,it will be the ads i will have missed.

Did you know:
If you stay up late to watch TV you get to see ads that play in the gulf countries,cause they start viewing programs aimed at those viewers.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

A spectacular waste of time

Its been 17 days since the winter break started and i have done nothing useful.I was really looking forward to the break, and had prepared a list of things to do.I was going to use the time very judiciously.I was going to turn my life upside down.But none of the plans have been even set rolling let alone brought to fruition.Whatever spare time I get I try to watch a movie or some TV show.I sometimes feel that I should close up this laptop and hide it away.It is the devils box,I tell you,cast from the fires of hell.
A lot of this lifestyle comes from the fact that I went to an Engineering college.A place where you can get good grades just by studying before exams and copying down assignments and submitting them on time.This is what four years of engineering does to you.It makes you so deadline driven that without a proper deadline in sight or someone pressuring/ordering you, you just don't get things done.It removes the ability to take initiative and accomplish tasks.If not anything, it provides a good excuse,to blame my laziness on...[:)]

I did go for a walk in Johnson park.The Raritan is frozen I never thought that a moving body of water could freeze.Well the Niagara freezes so this should be a no brainer.I took some pics, and i wanted to post them here but i just cant figure out how to remove the damn Mem card from my mobile.

Friday, January 4, 2008

The Wondrous expansion of Mr.Adimari's Behind

I found out tonight how people die from being beaten to death.If the feeling that is now concentrated to my behind, the constant throbbing of nerves ,were ever to be replicated to other parts of anyones body, he would surely die.I now understand how others might have felt when i laughed gleefully as people damaged their precious booties.My God, I got the beating of my life today.What a way to turn 22.
I never did think that it could hurt so much.I was not at all apprehensive of the bumps.I was playing the caring host, as my friends sipped on the choicest (read cheapest) spirits and aperitifs that money could buy.And when the first blow fell, i realized what i had gotten into.I had to stop them several times to gather my bearings.People were ruthless and how.I have never hit anyone ,only lifted them on their birthdays.
"A good Building...AAAAAAHHH"
.....needs a ....AAAAHHHH...."
..... good foundation....AAAAAAHH, sweet mother of God.."

People were merciful, shyam did not complete his entire count to 24, and some guys were too empathatic to hit.After the torment was over, i went to take a bath to wash away the egg/beer paste that Mahesh had so lovingly prepared.And as I checked myself in the mirror,i saw my behind swollen to twice its size.hmm... i was imaging blood and lesions.. well my behind matches my pot belly.. nice..

First Prize:Venkat
He says a silent prayer,concentrates as he decides where exactly his blow will land and WHAM!!I looked away.half the pain is the expectation...

Second Prize:Shyam
I prepared a paste to adorn shyams head on his Bday, and my bumps were nothing compared to the brutal assault that happened on his bday.But I got the much needed payback.His kicks consist of a series of hard ones each followed by a clap of hands.He plays football.And believe me he is very good....:)...