Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Things you miss...

I have been away from home before.I spent 4 years in Trivandrum during college.And i whined,cried and bitched all the time about how I should I have remained in Delhi.I thought up things that were different in Delhi than Tvm.There were tons of things I missed. Family,friends,the winters,the wide tree lined roads,TV,home made food and loads of stuff.And now as i sit here, away from home again at a different place I suddenly realized of a new thing to add to the list.Without a TV, you are not exposed to the new Ads that play back at home.you can catch up with the movies,the Tv shows and stuff, but how do you admire and bemoan the ads that play in between?And the sad thing is they are so fleeting,staying on air for a few months and vanishing from air time and public memories alike.I have always loved watching smart and clever advertisements and am absolutely nostalgic about the ones that played in the 80s and early 90s.My whole generation is.Its the same feeling you get when you turn an old readers digest and see the print ads from the 80s.There were many ads aimed at the urban elite,completely in crisp oxford english but there were also the Aam Aadmi type ads.
Hopefully I will return home in around 7 years.It will be like just like an extended stay at college.And while other things will be same,it will be the ads i will have missed.

Did you know:
If you stay up late to watch TV you get to see ads that play in the gulf countries,cause they start viewing programs aimed at those viewers.

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