Friday, January 4, 2008

The Wondrous expansion of Mr.Adimari's Behind

I found out tonight how people die from being beaten to death.If the feeling that is now concentrated to my behind, the constant throbbing of nerves ,were ever to be replicated to other parts of anyones body, he would surely die.I now understand how others might have felt when i laughed gleefully as people damaged their precious booties.My God, I got the beating of my life today.What a way to turn 22.
I never did think that it could hurt so much.I was not at all apprehensive of the bumps.I was playing the caring host, as my friends sipped on the choicest (read cheapest) spirits and aperitifs that money could buy.And when the first blow fell, i realized what i had gotten into.I had to stop them several times to gather my bearings.People were ruthless and how.I have never hit anyone ,only lifted them on their birthdays.
"A good Building...AAAAAAHHH"
.....needs a ....AAAAHHHH...."
..... good foundation....AAAAAAHH, sweet mother of God.."

People were merciful, shyam did not complete his entire count to 24, and some guys were too empathatic to hit.After the torment was over, i went to take a bath to wash away the egg/beer paste that Mahesh had so lovingly prepared.And as I checked myself in the mirror,i saw my behind swollen to twice its size.hmm... i was imaging blood and lesions.. well my behind matches my pot belly.. nice..

First Prize:Venkat
He says a silent prayer,concentrates as he decides where exactly his blow will land and WHAM!!I looked away.half the pain is the expectation...

Second Prize:Shyam
I prepared a paste to adorn shyams head on his Bday, and my bumps were nothing compared to the brutal assault that happened on his bday.But I got the much needed payback.His kicks consist of a series of hard ones each followed by a clap of hands.He plays football.And believe me he is very good....:)...

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kodali said...

wow!!!that must hav been a very happy brthday indeed....hey!ive gt a proposition...brthday bumps should b bannned throughout de wrld!!what do u think???hop naji is readin this[:)]