Monday, January 21, 2008

If i could have one wish...

This day too shall pass..the day to come will pass too .There are moments when you wish last forever.I just wonder at times what if i forget the good memories i have.What if a couple of them slip in through the cracks of my brain and hide away forever.If only there was a way to look back and see .."yeah i was doing this on the 24th of ...".I would like my entire life my life to be documented.Every inch and bit of it.But for my eyes only.I want to be able to remember everything I did.from the most shameful to the most proud acts.You cant feel the same way about events that have passed.But to be able to have a glimpse of that emotion.Events that made you, just like the cells make up the body you inhabit.
But i find it tedious to maintain a diary.the only solution i can see is..Time travel.Of course, it would have to be a non invasive journey.Observe only ,dont interfere.Beware, the effect of the fluttering butterfly.Like a tv show."the Arjun show"..starring me as me.But only one viewer.Me.I would have the option to take along people for the show.But it would have to more real than something played on a screen.Something like a 3D show..only its 4D.That would be the coolest thing ever.I would love to observe myself as a kid playing around.There are no baby photos of my brother,and he was the cutest baby ever.And I mean EVER.chubby cheeks,curly hair et al.i would like to see my bro as a baby.I would like to see my parents in their youth.The photos i have at home of them in 80s attire is wonderful.I would like to see the real thing.We like the same kind of music, we could be friends even..Also Delhi in the 80s.That is something I have dreamt of for so long.Vacant roads,dotted with ambassadors and marutis.A time when it was not too crowded.When the term NCR was non existent.. just the new and the old...Yeah ,I would love that.

PS:they say time travel will never happen.Cause if it were to happen we would already have visitors from the future.
PS2:what if the only type of travel possible was non invasive??

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