Sunday, January 6, 2008

A spectacular waste of time

Its been 17 days since the winter break started and i have done nothing useful.I was really looking forward to the break, and had prepared a list of things to do.I was going to use the time very judiciously.I was going to turn my life upside down.But none of the plans have been even set rolling let alone brought to fruition.Whatever spare time I get I try to watch a movie or some TV show.I sometimes feel that I should close up this laptop and hide it away.It is the devils box,I tell you,cast from the fires of hell.
A lot of this lifestyle comes from the fact that I went to an Engineering college.A place where you can get good grades just by studying before exams and copying down assignments and submitting them on time.This is what four years of engineering does to you.It makes you so deadline driven that without a proper deadline in sight or someone pressuring/ordering you, you just don't get things done.It removes the ability to take initiative and accomplish tasks.If not anything, it provides a good excuse,to blame my laziness on...[:)]

I did go for a walk in Johnson park.The Raritan is frozen I never thought that a moving body of water could freeze.Well the Niagara freezes so this should be a no brainer.I took some pics, and i wanted to post them here but i just cant figure out how to remove the damn Mem card from my mobile.

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Galadriel said...

Ahh.. Well, it is winter break, you were wrong to have set targets for yourself in the first place..anyway, enjoy!