Tuesday, January 22, 2008

SHOCKING:Heath Ledger dead!!

I certainly didn't expect this.Not one bit and I was genuinely shocked.He has always come off as a good actor though i have seen in only a few films..10 things i hate about you, comes to mind.His role in this year's "The Dark Knight" as Joker has been much talked about.The internet has been abuzz with viral marketing for the "The Dark Knight" with the Joker's tag line "Why so serious". I would like to predict an Oscar nod for him.Has the Oscar been awarded posthumously??I donno.I don't want to sound callous here, but If Joker survives "The Dark Knight", who will portray him in the next film...?
His death is certainly a loss to Hollywood,he was one of the bright young ones, and his passing away at the age of 28 is certainly tragic.RIP Heath...

Director Chris Nolan's reply to why Heath Ledger was selected for the role of Joker
"He seems so fearless"

PS:Only Actor to win a posthumous Oscar: Peter Finch, for Network

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