Thursday, June 21, 2012


Sunday is an Illusion
Sunday is a Mirage
Sunday does not exist
Sunday is the rickshaw that wont stop for you because its done for the day and it's going home
Sunday is the graveyard where weekends go to die.
Sunday is the Princess Lieia hologram message from Star wars (It's not real)
Sunday is Bruce Willis from The Sixth Sense (It was dead the whole time)
Sunday is Nicole Kidman from The Others (It's a pale,cold-hearted, suicidal Bitch and it was dead the whole time)
Sunday is Pre-Monday.. No

Sunday is Monday
Sunday is everything Friday is not.
Sunday is.. no Sunday is always was.

Sunday, What Sunday?


People who say they like to relax on Sunday mornings with their copy of the Times and a nice relaxing cuppa can go screw themselves.
People who start checking and sending work emails on Sunday evenings can go screw themselves
People who use the word "cuppa" can go screw themselves.

Any day now...

It will be remembered as that single moment. That one moment on that one day when everyone will stop what they were doing. They will all pause, their steps still hanging, their thoughts incomplete. There will be total and uniform realization. They will look around in disbelief, some unsure whether this is real. A few will break down and cry. But then there be action. Unanimous, certain and purposeful. Life will stop. People will fill up cars and trucks with food and clean water. Cities will lie deserted save for a few non believers and cowards. The caravans laden with tonnes of food will head for the villages.

And people in the villages, the hungry , the desolate, who have no reason to believe in humanity, god or other  such folktales, will pick up their ears.  They will not know what to make of it. Some  will ask what took them so long. Some amazed at how obvious it should have been . They will run outside their mud houses and witness a miracle.  A day when the satiated, lucky and ingrates decided that we can no longer go on oblivious to the what is around us. And the caravans will arrive with food and water. And the hungry of the world will be fed and their thirst quenched. And from that day and for forever on, man will be aware, unshackled and with sight.