Sunday, July 18, 2010


L-R : James Franco, Joseph Gordan-Levitt, Heath Ledger, Charlie Hunnam

Sunday, July 11, 2010

What About Miami?

What about it? Why haven't I written about my sojourns in the land of southern delights? Where USA comes for its spring breaks and summer timeshares? Of course, there's time or not finding any. I am also finding myself increasingly searching for the ideal situations for me to get writing. Things just dont seem to be falling in line. Anyway, so is Miami really the party capital of USA with its azure beaches and laid back life? Well yes and no. All the "partying" takes place in a place called South Beach, an island just off the coast of Miami which the Gods decreed to be most Partyistic. Since I am not a Party-er, I have viewed the place only through a tourist's eyes and while people might be drawn to the clubs and all, what I found appealing was the subculture of almost commune-like life that exists here with neo-hippies roaming around in kurtas and harem pants, on their $ 200 a month rented scooters and early morning free yoga classes in the parks. The City part of Miami is like any other with its sky kissing buildings being neatly maneuvered by a meandering , 2 storey high Metrorail, but with some breathtaking views along the coastline. Another beatiful part of the city is the historic Coral Gables which is a residential area with really old, tree lined spanish style houses and all smack dab in the middle of Miami. There's also places named Little Haiti and Little Havana named after the dominant immigration population, but its the cuban immigrants that have really dominated the flavor of the city. You have cuban cafe's everywhere with really enticing empanadas and cafe con leche. Spanish is the first language and English not necessary to get by. You have advertisments in both Spanish and English and in some parts of the city just Spanish. I get by with una and dos and Je Quero which means I want.

Even though this is all that the city offers, my life revolves around the Airport. I live and work at opposite sides of the airport and can see planes take from both my bedroom window and my office balcony. My apartment is so close that the roar from the engines stops conversations and pauses movies till the flight is on its way.

1059 miles. That is the distance from Miami Beach to Washington DC. I have been asked this 12 times since I moved to Miami by my Mallu friends.They are of course quoting an old 80's flick in which the hero pretending to be an NRI and is quizzed by his girlfriend's father to gauge his authenticity.

"How many miles from Miami beach to Washington DC"
"Miles and miles and miles" the hero replies in his accented English.