Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Subway ,its nice.I like.

say the above part as Borat Sagdiyev would.

I recently discovered Subway.And I love it.I cherish each bite I take.I enjoy every morsel.I close my eyes and cant be surprised by how tasty it is.It feels good in my mouth.I get so much joy in just chewing the sandwich that i don't want to swallow it.It feels so good, that i want to believe how healthy it is.Its so filling.
I woke up last Sunday and decided the only breakfast to do justice to my hunger would be at subway.I want to eat only from subway.My idea of the good life has changed.I want to start my own subway shop and sit behind the counter and collect money.I will make my own lunch and dinner with as many ingredients as i want to.Subway is the no.1 franchise of 2008.There is a seminar on Thursday at Statten island for people who want to buy a franchise.I have 2 classes on Thursday.I am going to Statten Island.

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Galadriel said...

god, you sound positively doped!
never really understood why people like subway so much.. vikas and teda finish of 2 footlongs by themselves. insane!