Monday, April 28, 2008

The Constant Downloader

I have become too lazy to type,so if have a page open on imdb,and want to get to another page, i keep clicking on actors and their movies until i reach the desired page for eg.I am on Charlie Sheens page and i want to get to Blood Diamond:Charlie Sheen-being john malkovich-cam diaz-minority report-steven spielberg-catch me if you can-leo di caprio-blood diamond voila.....

I like flipping through imdb, crawling, connecting one actor to the other, and along the way discovering old movies, remembering the ones i have seen and liked, and ones i have heard of but never bothered to see... and i have added them all on my dwnld list... i have a huge torrent collection....around a 100 films on my lappi and another 50-60 on DVDs... and too little time ..

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Galadriel said...

you should talk to SEV, He's exactly like you when it comes to movies. he has a google notebook list of stuff he has/needs, maybe you guys can exchange movies.