Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A random thought

At 4:33 pm, I lay in my bed,contemplating how I should spend the next hour before I had to dash off to class.My eyes,dilated by staring thoughtlessly to the ceiling,came back to life when I realized i could do with a sip of water.As i stood up, my eyes fell upon the 2 chairs in the patio that we have discarded because of the scratches they produce on the floor.They were facing each other.It was as if 2 people were sitting on them talking.An image conjured up in my mind,2 of my room mates conversing,sitting across each other, having woken up early,sipping tea.Where did that come from.Well it was from the final hostel trip in Undergrad, when the 12 of us from Lords Hostel for Boys,were put up in a cottage that a friend owned.5 of us,woke up early one day ,made black tea,and chatted sitting on the balcony.Then we decided time was right for a walk, and we walked off into the wilderness of cinnamon and pepper plantations that surrounded us.
Where is that camaraderie.That feeling of brotherhood.I fail to find it in these 4 walls,not from me and not amongst the others.We are existing together,perhaps tolerating each other...2 of us don't even acknowledge each other's presence.Its childish,its absurd,but its happening and I guess egos are too big to be healed by words..
I put the chairs right again,before heading to the kitchen.


Galadriel said...

It comes with age.. The lowered tolerances, the heightened and almost palpable tension, the inability to make compromises.. It is but the loss of youth, of innocence, of malleability. Good luck.

R P said...


Nishana said...

I read thru a couple o' ur posts.. Well- written.. Keep posting! :)