Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Childhood Dilemmas-I

When i was a kid, I was an idiot.A big idiot.like all kids are.There was a time when i got so pepped on multistar bollywood flicks like, tridev,vishwatma,karma,roop ki rani choron ka raja that i decided i would make my own film,very soon too.
So I told my dad, i am making a movie its called "Hello,Hello,Hello"[god knows why i chose that title] and it stars, Jackie Shroff,Anil Kapoor[my two fav actors at that time] and Kishore kumar [where did he come from? was i making a musical].
My father said"ok, i will put in the money,kid, theres just this little probelm."..I looked at him with eyes that said "yeah, go on..".. "That last guy,kishore..hes dead.."..
"huh,dead as in RIP dead, what am i ever going to do..." I kid you not, i spent the next 10 days wondering how to bring Kishore back from the dead..It saddened me that one of my lead actors was not in the best of health..I spent endless hours pondering over this world shattering crisis... I gave up in the end , not before coming to a conclusion.. All actors should film footage of themselves performing the Navarasa.. This could then be used [with suitable voice over work] by any 7 year old filmmaker who might want to cast them,and not be held back by little things like mortality .


Galadriel said...

haha! that is weirdly cute!

anangrawat said...

i knew u were a dumbass. Now u just confirmed it