Sunday, February 24, 2008

Kinds of people who annoy me...

1)People who break lines-what they are silently saying is "Stand aside,fool,My time is more important"

2)People who whisper something bad about someone,when the guy is standing right there and with a look on their face which expects you to nod agreement.

3)People who are too 'chape" as they in Hindi,too servile,too sycophantic..

4)people who comment during movies..I remember a gang a mallu school boys making fun of every sher in the first half of fanaa( not that the movie was that good)

on a related note,we had the greatest time while watching Notebook,there were 8 of us and everyone was churning one hilarious quip after the other,i still laugh when I think of that movie.Though everyone liked the movie,and we were conscious that there a good many families in the audience,I guess you just cant help when you are in a gang.However I have found the commenting to be offensive when it comes from people who don't get it.

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Galadriel said...

funny you should mention these people considering, i only just wrote a post like that, and got clobbered for it!