Friday, February 29, 2008

I dont usually..

In fact i have never,spit out whatever I was drinking,Like they do in movies,when someone is just starting to say a sip and someone says something unbelievable or hilarious, and they spit it all out,to comedic measure.I thought that happened only in the movies.Well I was wrong, it happened to me.The stimulus came in the form of this guy.

The office is absolutely Hilarious.Its too good for words.Its so good it should have a minimum dietary intake or something.No one should miss out on this.

So Michael Scott,Regional Manager of the Scranton branch of Dunder-Mifflin is talking to the docu-crew about stereotyping of black people.
"Imagine a car theif,with a hoodie,bling bling, loose white T-shirt,baggy pant... what image comes to mind.... A white woman.. "At this point the spitting occured... ts not that funny when you write it down you have to see it to realize how good it is...
In the last episode,Michael has to declare bankruptcy.he does that by shouting out in a sombre tone"I.....Declare.... BANKRUPTCY!!!!"
again its funny when you watch it,So ppl go ahead and watch it.

other equally hilarious stuff:Arrested Development,Extras,The Office(Uk)


anangrawat said...

ab kuch bacha hai tere karne ke liye
maybe pass water from ur drink everything else u seem to have done

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