Sunday, July 20, 2008

Notes on The Dark Knight

The worst thing is to have anger and not be able to direct it at someone or something.Be helpless,because there is total awareness as to the futility of your attempts.You just cant do anything about it.Nothing.And that eats at you from within.Its an absolute shame that Heath Ledger passed away.My reason of mourning him is inconsiderate,in a way.But because he is no more,he wont return to play The Joker in the third batman film.How goddam wonderful would it be to see those characters face off once again.As an actor,the satisfaction he would have got with the finished product.The poor guy is missing out on all that.

I cant wait for the rumours to begin churning out.I cant wait to know who the next villain is going to be.They say the Riddler,or the Penguin.Who do i want to see?Hush or the Black mask would be fun.or catwoman.How about Robin.People are constantly objecting as some villains are out of the vein of realism that Nolan has set the films to.But there in lies the entire fun.How do you bring these characters to life and still root the film in reality.

Trivia:When i first looked up The Dark Knight on imdb on thursday night it had reached #4 with around 2000 ppl voting.Now when I looked it up again its at #1 with 23,000 ppl voting.

Trivia 2:I wait up till normally sunday for my fav movie site to post the Box office reports.But from what I heard, TDK surpassed Spiderman-3's ,3-day collection record.A definite boost for the out of luck DC universe.Lately marvel seemed to be having all the luck..

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Pai said...

Awesome movie.. and awesome performance by ledger. What your take on the imdb rating? deserved? its standing at 9.6 after 69k votes..