Sunday, July 27, 2008

To impress a child....

There is this kid that comes to my workplace sometimes with her mother.Last tue her mother made her sit in my room, on a nearby table.I have always thought that I was good with kids,here was the real test..Would I be equally good with a firang kid?
I am basically a 6 ft kid.I like what kids like,I think like they do, and we get along great.So would I be able to get across to this one.She was watching some movie on her portable DVD player..The Mummy,a movie I had great fun with.So I went over and chatted,
"So do you like this movie?"
She looked at me with eyes that said "wasn't it obvious,with my attention span would i be watching this if I didn't like it?"
I smiled and asked "so you think its scary?"
She shook her head,shyly.
Isn't it great when the bugs come??
"They are called scarabs"Wow,She knew.
"you know there's a new one coming out...
next week " she completed my sentence..
This wasn't going anywhere.. I returned to my seat...
From where I sat I could hear her talk to the other ppl who walked by,what was wrong with me. Was it because i spoke with an "accent".
She came running to me after sometime,"Do you know where the big guy with hair on his ears sits?"
"You mean Ed?"
"yeah,him"I told her where he was.. she spent the next half an hr searching for Ed.When he returned,she told him she wouldn't be here the next day..So no need to bring her the crayons he had promised."Awright" Ed said and walked away.
After some time she came by and started doing some dance..
"So you know ballet?"
No,I will learn next yr.. and she pranced away on her toes like ballerina's do..
I thought to myself,what did I have in my arsenal?I could do this thing with my lip, no thats gross.. I could do this thing with both my hands and a piece of paper.. no too hard for her to follow... I remembered how we were taught to make paper dolls in Art class in 3rd std.I set to work folding and cutting paper.. later when she came over.. I showed her my handiwork...

She looked at me with a puzzled loo.I said "Voila " and...

Her eyes lit up and said "cool".I then spent some time showing her how I made it.She went away when her mother came and called her .So that was a breakthrough, I thought.Later she came and said she was going "And I wont be here tomorrow,is that ok?" she asked
I smiled and said "Thats ok," but before she left i held up my pen called her , "Hollaine" and did that flipping thing that we all did when we were in school.Her mouth went wide open.hah its so easy to impress kids, I thought."You are awesome" That made my day.. that did.


Pai said...

Kewl.. :)

Galadriel said...

arrey waah! what was that about the top {insert number here} things every man MUST know? you should strike one off there. :)