Friday, July 11, 2008

Ingrate rodent

So I have been feeding this squirrel for a week now.My plan was to have it eat from my hand, and let me stroke its back.It would come very close, but still be afraid of my movements.This was last Saturday.I left peanuts for it everyday before going off to work which would promptly be eaten up when I returned.So today I see it trying to scavenge some old packet of rice puffs left in the patio.I brought out my box of peanuts and started tossing it to the lil guy.It seemed less afraid this time,more bold.My mind painted all sorts of imageries.I would carry it around on my shoulder,name it Django the fearless,It would come knock at the window when it would be hungry.It would be my trusty sidekick.And rt in the middle of all these thought it LUNGED at me.The bloody thing tried to scratch and bite my hand in a totally unexpected Goju-Ryu Karate style.That scared me,that little rat.I cursed it some more and closed the door.No more peanuts from me,no more.

Trivia:If it wasnt for the bushy tail,it would be no more different than a rat.Its the skinny pink tail of a rat that makes us hate it.The opposite's the case with a squirrel.


Galadriel said...

why is there a toaster/sandwich maker on your balcony??

peregrina said...

This is probably my fave post on ur blog :) hehe

p.s. their skinny pink tail comes off if u pull at it hard, real hard.

(We needed a mouse to extract DNA from its bone marrow cells but the incompetent volunteer who tried to employ cervical dislocation to terminate the poor creature’s life went bonkers after minutes into trying to snap its spine. In desperation, he started pulling its neck and tail and whatever other body part he got his hands on. It was the most gruesome thing I had seen anyone do to an animal. Anyway, the tail skin came off…completely. It looked like it had moulted. So moral of the story: never pull a mouse’s tail that hard, else it will come off and you would have to see the uglier skinny tail tissues under the outer pinky skinny skin. Gross.)