Thursday, July 31, 2008

Notes on The Dark Knight part II

I have closure.I accept that joker will not be in the third batman movie.Frankly,how can you top the Joker Vs Batman scenario presented in The Dark Knight.It has taken the essence of the best batman graphic novels and churned it into a deeply satisfying experience for fanboys and the average movie goer alike.I do not want anyone tarnishing Ledger's performance so I am vehemently against recasting.Perhaps 20 yrs later when they think of reimagining the Batman franchise,they can bring on a new joker.Until then,No Thank you.But still I do wonder had he lived how would the third part turn out.That was the plan, the third part would have been the trial of The Joker.But I have also heard pf Joker dying in this one,scarring Harvey Dent and leaving Two-face to take on the villain duties for the third.Had he lived.This will be one of those cinematic never-will-be's that will haunt fanboys forever.

Trivia:A list of similar we-will-never-know's

1)The best has to be the planned Unbreakable trilogy,which was scrapped because of poor financial performance of the original.It would have shown David Dunn as an established superhero facing off against a new villain.Its the best comic book movie, not based on a comic book.You all know which one is the best comic book movie based on a comic book [;)]

2)The uncut versionof The Breakfast Club.Yes it exists, the way it was meant to be seen before being heavily cut by the studios.Of course,Its owned by John Hughes and there is no way hes inviting you for movie night.

3)The Face-off movie with Schwarzeneggar and Stallone.This would have been their team up.The Blockbuster waiting to happen.But it didnot and now its too late.

4)Ram Gopal varma's Ek.This was supposed to be a thriller set in the world of international espionage and showed a RAW,an ISI and a CIA agent joining forces.

5)The Departed is one of my all time favs.I loved the cast,everyone was great.No complaints whatsoever.Now imagine,what it would have been with Tom cruise and Brad pitt as the leads.Yeah makes you tilt your head,look off sideways and wonder.

6)I loved The Adventures of pete and Pete.One of the quirkiest show ever.Does anyone remember Snow day starring Chevy Chase .That could have been the Pete and Pete movie.Only if it worked out.

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