Friday, March 28, 2008

"I possess total Knowledge"

"I possess total Knowledge"said Prof.Trefor Williams raising both hands in a mock exultation.He was telling a kid in the front seat not to act like a Mr.Know-it-All.The kid,Josh always sits in the front seat and like all intelligent individuals has opinions.Opinions,that his mind feels should be accepted as fact by all.So every class, has a verbal banter between the Guru-Shishya much to everyones amusement.Cause it is hilarious the Prof picking on the annoying kid,and the annoying kid not getting it.

Anyway i felt it was a great line.Say it aloud."I possess total Knowledge".Well i know a guy who acts like he possesses total knowledge.He will try to offer his advice on discussions relating to Envrionmental Engg that I have with my roomie.He will also peer over my shoulder if I have a book open ,read for 2 seconds,look up as if making calculations in his mind, then nod his head, as if he solved the question,I have been pondering over for 20 minutes,then walk away with an air that says "you are totally not getting it".Its all a tad irritating to put it mildly.It drives me mad.You know what else makes me mad.Technical jabber emerging from the same guy, who goes on to talk of circuits,VLSI,DSP et al ...bull..And the thing is I provoke him.I trigger him by asking him about his sem and his subjects.There are times when he will come and talk to me and I will pretend I am not listening(cause i have my headphones on),thinking he will go away.But he taps me on my shoulder to make me aware of his presence.Then he goes on to spew out the driest topics,and he will stop at places to make sure I am listening, as if in a trance I prod him on, "then what"..."know I don't know ,tell me".But the guy means well.He's a good kid.So all is forgiven... now go out and play...

PS: Say it with me, Aloud.."I possess total Knowledge"

That line is so cool I am going to say it everyday,just to hear the words roll off my tongue..
"I possess total Knowledge" <>

PS2: the kid Josh is actually a 28 year old Bridge Inspector who is enrolled in the doctoral program.I think the prof picks on him too much, but then the prof, he...he possesses "TOTAL KNOWLEDGE"

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