Saturday, March 29, 2008

10 films i am looking forward to in 2008

I should have written this earlier,in no particular order, here goes nothing,

1)Street Kings
From a script from Kurt Wimmer(Equilibrium) and James Elroy( the author of LA confidential,White jazz et al) and directed by David Ayer and a great cast ,this thing has many things going for it.I love cop-gangster flicks.Just hope this one is good.

2)The Dark Knight
This was a no brainer.batman.Bale.Joker.Ledger.Twoface.Eckhert.Nolan.I.AM.There.Though I have issues with batman begins, it remains the truest portrayal of the caped crusader.I watched the trailer again last knight[;)] and i am all prepped up for this baby.

3)The Incredible Hulk
I wrote earlier about marvel having all the luck.Edward Nortan plays Bruce banner and that alone is enough.

4)Righteous Kill
Deniro and Pacino reunite for the third time.This time they actually share some screen time like all the time.As 2 cops on the trail of a vigilante killer.both look really old in the trailer, but this awesome twosome demand that i be there come opening day.Plus Cop-gangster.count me in

5)Hellboy 2:The Golden Army
Another comic book adaptation.Guillermo Del Toro is an amazing the first part was good too..

6)Tropic Thunder
A group of actors in army boot camp prepping for a war movie get accidently drawn into a real war.This thing looks hilarious.

7)You don'y mess with the Zohan
Adam sandler as a Mossad agent who quits everything to be a hairdresser in NY.Watch the trailer its LOL.Though sandler has dissapointed in the lasst few years, except for Click.This thing comes from a script by Judd expect good things

Tom Cruise stars in this movie about a failed Hitler assassination carried out by his own officers.

Ed Zwick directs this WWII pic about 3 russian brothers go militia on Nazi Invaders.

10)Quantum of Solace
Casino Royale was a very well made and entertaining film.I saw it again recently and am all pepped up for the sequel.

11)The Happening
M.night Shyamalan, one of my fav directors returns in this thriller about a mysterious sickness that causes people to kill themselves.

12)Iron Man
i am not a big fan of the comic , but this great material to be translated to the screen

13)The Punisher:War Zone
Only because the lady who directed The Green Street Hooligans is directing this.

Also looking good:Get Smart,Wanted.Body of Lies,The Love Guru,Pathology,Smart people,

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thinkdj said...

What about Harold and Kumar 2 , Indiana Jones .... . They're worth looking forward to too :D IMO