Thursday, June 12, 2008

Single Dad

I am a single dad but not by choice.I have two kids.I get up early and go to work.I work from 9-5 ( ) and then return home.The train ride back is lonely.I spend time thinking of the monthly expenses.It worries me, but I know in the end things will work out.I arrive at my stop.I cant take the ALL CAMPUS.I detest it.I walk home with the setting sun as my sole companion.I come home to an empty house.The kids all left,apparently in a hurry.Things are all in a mess.The entire house is.I silently shake my head in disapproval.I get into the night clothes and start dinner.The kids will be home soon.They will be hungry and demand food.The neighbour comes over.He speaks of his children and how they are away for a month.He is happy.I invite him to dinner, he hesitates but agrees.I know he wanted me to.I smile to myself.We chat as we cook.The kids come,eat ,make noise,fight with each other,watch TV and go to sleep.The neighbour decides its time he go home too.He too has to go to work.The plates are all unwashed, the kitchen is a mess.Its just another day in my life.I decide its time to turn in.