Sunday, November 30, 2008

Doctor of Popular Culture

Now that we are in a recession and the job scenario doesn't look that bright, people are talking about getting a PhD, I just cant get myself to think about doing so. I could never do a PhD. I have absolutely no knowledge about civil engineering. It feels so good when you tell someone that you are an engineer..
"Engineer, huh?"
"Well I am doing my Masters now"
"Masters??.. wow"
"yeah.. Environmental Engg.."
All the while you feel guilty because you know you know squat.Your counsious rolls into fetal postition and sniffs at your ineptitude. So I thought if I had to do a PhD, what would it be in? I thought and thought and then it struck me.I would do a PhD in pop culture.There are universities that offer courses on various aspects of popular culture. I know there are courses called "Harry Potter and Spirituality in the 21st Century" and "Family Values: What The Simpsons teach us".I would totally be psyched to attend classes like these. I guess I should have taken up Sociology in undergrad. I have always felt the need that we need to properly document popular culture, much like Wikipedia is doing. I know I spend hours on the wiki reading stuff about defunct cartoon shows, one hit wonders from the 80s, Hitler and the Mystic arts, fun stuff like that. What if I were to do this for a living?
Doc of Pop... that has a nice ring to it doesn't it??.. not exactly.

PS: I totally made up the course names.

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