Friday, July 3, 2009

Summer Mid Term Report Card

Its been a shitty summer, and the only good thing so far is that it we are halfway through. Very few movies left a mark or excited me in anyway. I even fell asleep through one. Compared to this year, last year was Golden. Lets see where I stand and what we can hope for in the future.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine : Shitty title, even worse of a movie. Give me my money back. 4/10

Star Trek: God bless Abrams. Not the 9/10 that movie sites pegged it out to be but a very enjoyable 7/10. Yes I am no trekkie.

Angels & Demons: Straight forward by the book thriller. I detested the first part. This one was better.The friend i went with thorughly ebjoyed it and never guessed the obvious twist in the end. Just seeing his satisfied , smiling face made me like this more. 5-6/10.

Drag me to Hell: Loved the climax. But I felt it could have been much much more. And thats where it loses points. Again not the 9/10 everyone purported it to be. 6/10.

Up: Looved it. The beginning montage from Carl childhood to his wife's death is so beautiful. I was almost misty eyed. Almost. great fun rest of the way. Its impossible for Pixar to dissapoint. All psyched up for Toy Story 3. 8/10

The Hangover: The return of Todd Philips. I dont know anyone who didnot love the life out of this one. A very deserving 9/10.
The Taking of Pelham 123: I dont know how they got Tony Scott, Denzel and Travolta to sign up for as generic a hostage flick as this one. I dozed off in the middle. I shouldnt have woken up 10 minutes later. 4/10

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen: Some fun scenes here and there. But 2.5 hours long?? And that too without anything resembling a plotline. Not for me. 5/10

The Hurt Locker: I know I would have liked it more had I seen it without interruption from people around me. Respectable thriller. I wanted to love it more than I did. 7/10

My Sisters Keeper: People cried around me at the ending. That means the film delivers. I liked it. 7/10

For some reason I am not excited at all for Public Enemies.

What I havent seen: Terminator and Land of the lost.

What remains:Bruno, 500 days of summer, HP6, Funny people (yes,yes,yes) , GI JOE(God let this be good, for childhood memories sake), Inglorious Basterds, FD4, The Boat that Rocked.
May Also see: District 9 and The Goods

I cannot understand , for the life of me, the people who actually clapped at the end of TF2 and Pelham 123.

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Armine said...

Woah, loads of films there!! I've been away from Hollywood for a while -- need to get back to it.

Cousins called yesterday to go & watch "Up," but, you know the drill: finals! At least one of us was privileged to watch the little, chunky, animated people (are they cute or WHAT?)