Friday, August 7, 2009

What everyone is down with...

" I feel as if I do not deserve the food I eat." Said pompy while huddled over his plate of rotis and omellete. " I dont feel I should go out for a movie or eat out, because I do nothing to deserve it. I want to work hard be tired, and then go out and have fun. Now all I do is sit at home and apply for jobs.

I press my lips together and nod my head, I know what he means. Whatever he is down with has been going around the desi junta for some time now. Its as if a melancholy cloud has cast its ugly shadow all over cedar lane... well at least over my roomies. There is a pall of gloom that surrounds every conversation and completes every sentence. People have become nihilistic, they want to change , do and live better and their present life disappoints them. Some drink 9 cups of tea a day, others wake up and realize that they slept till 3:30 and that depresses them so much that they go back to sleep. The regular parasite at our place has suddenly realized that life should be spent travelling and meeting people and wants me to tag along with him to be a farm volunteer in Hawaii.

I knock and enter Pand's room . He is sitting on his mattress all red eyed from the job applications he's been sending. He seems like he needs a caffeine shot. I talk to him about a movie I saw and whether he should try going out of his room a while. He nods and continues typing onto his laptop. I wonder if he heard a thing I said.

" I go to sleep every night all jazzed up for the next day, but then I realize its because of the guilt I feel for doing nothing all day long. I have so much work to do or i feel like I do, but there is no motivation no drive. The only time I am happy is when I eat and when I play squash." says Onkar. My eyes light up at the mention of squash, its something I enjoy too, very much nowadays. " Do you think I should try to go professional?" I nod and do the pressed lips thing again and step out of the room. A stolen glance at his mac screen shows a page for the New Jersey Squash Association. Wow, was he serious?

Why is this happening to everyone? why are people suddenly so fed up with everything. If they were to get a job their moods would light up like that .What is that worries me ? I am worried that I am not worrying enough. Hey I need a job too.


SEV said...

The melancholy in this post reminds me of a similar time (for me) a few years ago. Funnily enough the best thing to do is to have fun.
Everyone gets a job. Eventually, everyone moves on. Which is when you wish you had had more fun :)

Srinivas Iyer said...

There isn't fun in having nothing to do.. It is actually fun having a lot to do but not doing anything :)

p.s.: this blog is public.. you can't address people as parasite ;)

Angelus said...

Well I am not naming anyone so he or she should be fine. Anyway what the hell do you care :)