Thursday, August 20, 2009

Entourage is Friggin Awesome!!!

Jyeah,Jyeah!!...... Jyeah,Jyeah!!!! I haven't fallen in love with a TV series like this since I sat up all night watching the first season of Dexter back in undergrad. Entourage is an absolutely amazing show and the coolest thing is that its just about four guys hanging together. Its such a simple concept, but the execution and the characters will make you fall heads over heel in love with it. Never thought four normal guys living the good life in Hollywood, surrounded by movie stars, cars, girls, parties would make for some friggin' awesome TV. Its like Sex and the City, just for guys. You cant help but love the characters. After just 2 seasons Vince, E, Turtle and Drama are all my homies now.People you would love to hang out with. Turtle & Johnny Drama alone are such great characters, I wouldnt mind seeing them together in anything. Infact they should make a comedy about just Turtle and Drama. That could work out real nice. And Jeremy Piven is hilarious as the short tempered agent , Ari Gold.

Each season (so far) is based on a simple story line , but the story telling is so compelling and the characters so endearing you cant but gobble down episode after episode. The first season was about Vince scoring a indie flick. The second mostly about him scoring a big budget-er with James Cameron. Simple ,rt? And with all the movie actor cameos and movie references, any cinephile would love it endlessly. Another thing is that these folks are living it up , Hollywood style .Their lifestyle is relaxed, so chilled out that it makes you wish you had something like that. Its an inspiration almost, to get off you lazy ass and work , do something so that you are somebody. I am so prepped up right now, its like everything is gonna be alright. I can do anything I want. I finally got around to writing this blog article. Now Iammago run a mile. See you later Chicken, say Hi to your mother for me.

PS: Mark Wahlberg produces Entourage.
PS2: Thank you Pompi for forcing me to watch the first episode.


SEV said...

Despite the presence of this line: "Its like Sex and the City, just for guys"...
I'm still going to check out this show. Just for the cinephile reference. Don't hold your breath.

Srinivas Iyer said...

totally agree :)