Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Inescapable Dichotomy of life

There is perhaps one truth in life.Everything is relative.One true emotion,hunger and one ruling ,overpowering observation ,there is duality in everything and everything around us.Man-Woman,vertebrae-non vertebrae,herbivore-carnivore etc.These pairs are often complements to each other..Take trivial things around you.Star movies and HBO,MTV & channel V,Pepsi-coke,Colgate-close up.Its uncanny how there are two sets of everythingThere may be exceptions but it is duality that dominates.Two,my friends ,is the magic number.

It brings us to our topic of the week: Tea-coffee.I am a tea drinker myself.And I strongly feel that people snub tea for coffee are snobs( and people who dont drink either are indecisive wimps).When did tea become the poor man's beverage?When did it start being looked down upon.( Do I have repressed emotions??)Its those European farmers who are making tea look bad.They are propagating coffee as "cooler".Its not, its a bitter addictive concoction that tastes like sewage water( not that I have tasted sewage water).There are a lot of ppl out there who go"Ohh, look at me..I dont drink tea, I only drink Crappochino from the neighbourhood Barista... or "Tum chai peeta hai,silly fellow,Humko dekho,hum sirf coffee peeta hai".. they dont fare well in my book.We need outlets like barista where they serve tea, and not just ice tea.Shalimar's,thats a nice name.Add to that Indian snacks , a laid back atmosphere,good cushions,good country/blues music,movie posters on the walls. ahh yu got yurself a good hangout place.... sadly these are exactly how cafes hav become.We need counter programming ppl.Chaai/chaaya lovers arise.spread the word.Lets bring back the days of the glorious darjeeling.

Tea can only do you good.Drinking one cup of tea a day saves one tiger somewhere in the world.So drink tea.As Bryan Adams says.. Make tea not war.

Trivia:India is the largest producer and exporter of tea in the world.If Indians increased their intake of tea by one cup , India would have to start importing Tea!!


NicktheGooner said...

Aaa last line nee munnarile aa tea factoryil ninnu kettathalle?

Angelus said...


chicane cruiser said...

looks like u bot a lot of tata tea shares... hehe... nyways i dont like tea... i really dont knw y... bt i m nt proud of it nyways... pinne i prefer milk ovr both of em... n i didnt buy mother dairy shares k... hehe