Sunday, July 15, 2007

My week of mishaps continues

On friday i got late.. real late for the yoga classes.The curse of the lone mynah struck again.This time in hope of catching a direct bus to the yoga centre I walked on over to he nearby zakir hussain Rd.Even as I approached the bus stop i could see two 410 buses passing by.Complacent at my new found mode of commute,I waited at the bus stop-.Sadly the blue line-delhi govt stand off hadn't ameliorated... that menat that hose were the last 410s for a good half hour, at least till the time I waited.I finally caught an auto who agreed to go by metre and set off.but somehow we took a wrong turn and found ourselves in a jiffy.With the help of a grousy old restaurant guy, we reached the destination.But, the driver did not have any change with him for my 50Rs note.I asked a lot of ppl nearby, even 2 shops,no one helped.Somehow the auto driver managed to get hold of some change and I went to my class.

The next day I was asked to collect a statement from federal bank for a account that had been closed.I reached there braving, torrents of rain, grabbed the print out and headed to my Dad's office.I handed it to him, only to realize that the statement was for only the last month.I had specifically asked for the statement for the entire period and even confirmed when the printout was just 2 pages long.The teller had absent mindedly confirmed.Another errand wasted.

On sunday , I had two of my classmates from CET came over for lunch.After that we decided to visit the house of another classmate who had come to Delhi to prepare for IAS.We got drenched in the rain, and by drenched i mean,20 buckets worth of drenching.And we just couldnt find the house.It was 20,Janpath and while 22 and 19 were visible,20 was not.Platform 9 and 3/4 anyone.Well after lots of wearching we finally called her and she came out to lead us home.It was on the way back that I decided to drive away silly superstitions from my could the sighting of a bird spoil an entire day.And how can two of those be lucky??2 wrongs certainly don't make a right.Assured that i was not going to abuse the mynah anymore i headed home.

epilogue:the common mynah() that you see everywhere in New Delhi is currently classified as "least Concern" in the IUCN classification for conservation of animals.So killing a few wont hurt rt??

epilogue 2:I actually completed this article 1 week after the date posted above.And I am all over the mynah cursing.

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