Thursday, July 12, 2007

My unlucky week..

I remember when i lived in Kerala House , I was told that seeing a single mynah is unlucky and seeing two together is lucky.At the time I thought it was a load of bull,but recent happenings suggest otherwise.
On Monday I was supposed to join for yoga classes and give the learner's driving test.I saw a mynah when i went for a walk with my parents rt in the morning.that was when i was reminded of this belief.I couldn't go to for the driving test and i wasted a lot of time at the MDNIY, though I did join for yoga.
On Tuesday i had to wake up at 5:45 to go for yoga.Since there was no direct bus, i had to walk a good kilometre and more and that was when i saw the mynah.The class was Ok, I was surprised to find Gireesh( he was in my school) there.It was decided I would go for the driving test today,but by the time I got there it was 11 am.No probs I thought , since on the website they said they were open till 4:30.But I had to take a couple of photocopies, which I figured would be very ner to the office.. but none were in sight.I had to again walk in the sweltering sun to finally find a photocopy machine and get a auto back only to be told that the test were only till 1230(It was 1:00)Major bummer.Ok, I can come again the next day, I thought.They also told me to get the copies attested.
On wedneday,again i had to wake up at 5:45 to go for yoga and this time I got on two buses to get there.(Suddenly I noticed there was a dearth of buses in Delhi.It was late realized that was because of 600 blueline buses getting their licences cancelled)Again I saw the mynah. actually 4 times.It was around 11 when iset off from home.I had forgotten to get the copies attested, I thought since i am going to a govt office, i could get it attested there.But no one was willing.I scouted about 7 govt offices ion the region but no one agreed.Then i was told there was a place where they attest these copies for you,for a charge.It turned out to be the place I took the copies from in the first place.However.They only notarized, i needed to get it attested.Only some one who know you could attest it for yu.It was 1245.time to go home.I got it atested by my father.
On Thursday I got up early to stand in queue for getting a tatkal passport issued, since my other one was going to expire.We reached there at 7:30 and were sitting there for a 2 hrs before i got the to the counter.But , again i had goofed up.I needed to fill up form 1 not form 2.however my father knew a guy there, he told me to go to his room, where he handed me form no 1.i filled it up and again stood in the queue,but when i reached the counter i was told i needed Annexure I.Since that was the first time i was hearing of Annexure, i knew it was time to head home.( its something you get written on a 10 rupee stamp paper).
Tomorrow, i have to go for yoga nd then to the regional transport office.and if I see a mynah on the road, i swaer I am gonna have it for dinner.

MDNIY:Morarji Desai National Institute for Yoga


Anonymous said... 2 knw ur takin yoga classes. I had gone years bac and must say had a gud tym :)

chicane cruiser said...

Abbe stop goin 4 morning walks... n th grand yogi sheshpal alias yogi... u learn frm him... sai ek hain praphu veh prabhu hi ek hain.. suraj ka sahara hain, yamhi kewal pyaara hain... man yoga classes wer th best.... nxt 2 u see a mynah feed it a gai ka laddoo... hahaha