Sunday, July 29, 2007

Pimp my ride...

This is one great show on VH1..This is the better part of the reality TV affinity that all the music channels seem to have acquired.Rapper Xzibit selects one lucky guy/gal driving around with a dilapidated jalopy of an excuse for a car.he then proceeds on to the proverbial pimping!!With the help of West coast customs,they do a mind blowing refurbishing of the car.They put so many accessories,and do such a great job, you wont believe it.i think the accessories come out costing more than the old car.. it is a bit campy at times.but still it is fun.There is always a scene where the West Coast customs guys sit around a table and discuss what to do.It goes something like this.
Big mike"This car has no sponge in the seats, no dashboard.Diggy Dogg what are you gonna do?"
Diggy Dogg:"First of all I am gonna..then.."
Big mike"That will look sweet.The paint job looks real bad...El hombre what are you gonna do about that?"
El hombre:"I am gonna give a aqua blue turquoise coat,since this girl is into surfing.."
Big mike"Niice.This gal also likes hip hop music .Jesse what are you gonna do about the stereo
Jesse:(whos always holding a tester to show he is the electronics guy)I am gonna provide 5.1 stereo surround woofer system, plus I am gonna throw in a DVD player."
Big mike"Gee.. wont that be expensive?"
Jesse"I donna give a *beep*.. its MTV's money"
Big mike"So what are the tyres gonna look like when you are done with them,Donny??"
Donny:"They are gonna be round you dumba$$..."
Big mike:"this car also needs a good engine work., what are you gonna do about that,jerry?..hey wheres jerry??"
Jesse:"He quit.. and so will I if you don't shut the $#%# up.."

What do the lucky guy/gal have to do in return?? They jump around screaming and a lot of *beep*ing ensues as they cant believe that this is their car.They hug everyone and shake everyones hand.You cant believe ppl can get this lucky.its almost like a spanking new car, and its customized.There was this one episode where the guy was given a DVD player cum projector which was installed in his trunk.He couldn't believe it and said if he could just get some DVDs to watch on the thing,next thing you know Xzibit hands him a dozen DVDs.Stop with the giveaways already!!It ends with the guy/gal looking into the camera and saying"Thank you MTV for pimping my ride!!!".. thats compulsory.

Trivia aka unnecessary info:
Xzibit is a play on the word Exhibit.
VH1= Video Hits One


peregrina said...

hmm kinda lyk Oprah's wildest dreams bus...

do take a look at the TMI alert comments page.. yet again...hehe :)

Rajesh said...

There's a similar show on modifying homes is discovery travel i think. Give them the permission to modify you house interior, stay away for some days. In the end, u'll have an interior like in a castle or so. was cool.