Tuesday, August 7, 2007

my VISA interview

I was dreading this thing for a month now and today was D-day..
I reached there on time, got through the security and X-ray..I was told to stand in a line, which a had a young guy oif around 19 manning the counter.. i thought , this wont create any probs.. but he was jus the fingerprint-er guy.. after getting fingerprinted, i was asked to stand in line 2.. ahead of me were 2 bhutanese girls, who were also going for F1... there were 4 counters in front of us.. one american guy, one guy and girl with mongolian features and one lady with indian features.. turned out they were all americans..(accents)...The indian lady rejected a girl .. who kept saying that she didnt even check her docs...all of us in the line knew this laduy was danger.. in fact 1 girl went to back of the line when her turn came coause she would have had to face the danger lady.. there werre 4 ppl in front of me , i thought i would land in front of the danger lady.. fortunately it was the american dude..

me:good morning
VO:good morning( doesn't even look at me
VO:so what course are you going for?
me:MS in Envi Engg
VO:how many unis did you apply to
VO:which all
me: answered
VO:where all did you get admitted??
me:just rutgers. am still to receive word from umn..
me:still to receive word from umn..
VO:your GRE score?
VO:your TOEFl score?
VO:what does your father do??
VO:how much do you have in liquid savings??
VO:what kinda of a job are yu expecting after your course??
me:well ENvi engg is a budding field in India.. if i get a foothold now.. then..
VO:ok, i am issuing yur VISA
me:thank you oh, i could kiss yur feet

that was that.. he didnt even look at any of the documents
i ran out of the embassy , reached home and was all happy, but in the afternoon i realized i had committed a big blunder...I had given them a photocopy of my i20 instead of the original...what do i do now??.. that is a big problem.. since it has a bar code and they check it when you reach USA...

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