Sunday, August 19, 2007

The day of two mornings....

I have finally reached New Jersey.I am sitting alone in a vacant new jersey apartment with drizzle peltering the window and the constant hum of the AC in the back ground.It paints a solitary picture but as i write this I am brimming with the excitement of a person who has reached a truly pivotal point on his life.But before that some details from th journey.

1)I didnt sleep much in the 22 hour trip just around 2 hours.I am not feeling sleepy, hope i have conquered Jetlag.
2)There were loads of movies ob a personal Tv screen available to you.i saw The Naesake,TMNT,Eklavya and parts of blades of glory and Wild Hogs
3)Since there were free drinks on the flight the guy siting nest to me drank 4 glases of smirnoff with coke.he puked into his blanket in the middle of the night while i was busy with TMNT.
4)Food was good,but from Mumbai to brussells I had to sit alone, there were 8 of us going to Rutgers.I was at 52C others near 39-38.
5)Brussell was beautiful.Smal cottages, with lots of trees a diff shade of green.And probably the cleanest airport ever.It was so huge and nce looking though a bit empty.
6)I did start getting some feelings of regrets when the plane was aqbout to land.Surprisingly i was Stolid all the way from Delhi.

The US of A is absolutely amazing.You see so much of it on TV but its actually a unique feeling to see unscrupulous roads,neat streets houses and buildings and since NJ is called the gardenSate there ae landscaped green stretches everywhere.The seniors are amazing.They came to pick us up and ave given us a temp acco in their apmnt.MAde me very comfortable rt from the start.I am rt nw sitting at Kapil and Karan's Apmnt and using their lappy .They have taken the other juniors to get some shopping done.Everyone is cool about everthning, be at home and all that.Its really raining now.Thi place called Cedar lane that has all the indian students has red brick houses with slopng roofs.At first when i hrd APMNT i though it would be some huge building with rooms like in Friends.But this is very nice.Almost like proper little homes.I definitely want to get a room somewhere here.GOnna do that and some other running around tomorrow.

And since we were flying towards the west. I had one morning in Brussels and when i reached NJ 8 hours later it was 11 am.


Pai said...

Wow Arjun. Never expected that i'll see ur next post so quickly. Keep us updated about the happenings there..

LOOSE SAND said...
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LOOSE SAND said...
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Anonymous said...

Arjun babu
Feel happy to see ur blog.. I see that u are enjoyin and have gelled on..
Ashwin here