Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Most Fitting Anology

Here I was sitting in my office pondering over this and that, you know world stuff, and then it hit me. It was a most startling thought but the more i thought it over the more befitting it seemed.


And if that weren't enough check this out


Don't you see the physical resemblance? The similarity of thought?

Think about it, All encompasing, tolerant, inclusive and kind - Gandhi
Cynical, someone who once fought the good fight but now has turned to darker school of thought,- Jinnah

Should I inform some government agency? Are there any forms that I need to fill out to have this acknowledged by the National Archives of India? Do I need to let Bryan Singer know? There has to be some forms, rt?

Guess that Makes India the X-men and Pakistan the Brotherhood of the Mutants.


Srinivas Iyer said...

ben kingsley = gandhi, xavier
what say?

Angelus said...

umm.... Ben Kingsley didnt play Xavier though he would have been perfect for it. One more connection,

Gandhi had a sort of wayward son in Harilal. So did Xavier in Legion.

Jinnah and magneto both lost thier wives at a young age and both had disowned their children. Jinnah when his daughter Dina married an Indian and Magneto when the twins betrayed him.

Anonymous said...

Damnit, I just thought of this analogy and wanted to see if anyone had the same thoughts. You beat me- by 2 years too.

Angelus said...

Anonymous , you want to leave a name? we should be talking if we are thinking alike