Sunday, March 22, 2009

Random things circling my mind.

1) I want to start reading Green Lantern.
2)After watching I love you, Man , I want to learn how to Fence.
3) I want to learn how to play a acoustic guitar or a mandolin.
4) I am happy I discovered two great Jagjit Singh / Chitra Singh songs - Jab Kabhi Tera Naam lete hain & Sunte hain ki mil jaati hain. JS/CS songs are great to keep playing in the background while you are trying to sleep.
5) I want to by heart "If" by Rudyard Kipling.Justify Full
6) I am glad I discovered "Is mod se jaate hain" from Aandhi. I am surprised I hadn't heard that song earlier and its a classic!!Fav line - "In reshmin raahon main, Ek raah to woh hogi, Tum tak jo pahuchti hai, Is mod se jaati hain". If i was walking down the road and someone were to come up to me and ask "Arjun, what is your fav hindi song?" I would say " Who are you and How do you know my name? " Then I would reply " Its a close tie between " Is mod se jaate hain " and " Aaj kal mere paaon zameen par".
7) I am obsessed with all things Gulzar. I discovered the above song through him and also listened to him recite to a beautiful poem " Makaan ki uppari manzil par ab koi nahin rehta". He really liked working with Sanjeev Kumar. Plus Suchitra Sen is hoooot.


Anonymous said...

response to the 6th point....
areee vaa vaa vaa arjun raju tu ne to kamal kardiyaa.... :)

Angelus said...

Jimsaa nee aano??

Anonymous said...

allaa athu njan ayirunu....