Monday, March 15, 2010

Bye Bye NJ/NY

I am scared of my boss. THE Boss, the owner of the company, that is. He has really thick fingers with rings on them and wears expensive shirts with cufflinks, like all rich people do. But when I actually had a chance to talk with him I realized how wrong I was. He was as easy talk to as anyone else in the office. That is one thing I like about America. No matter how old the person is you can talk to him like he is your own age, with the same air of familiarity. So about two weeks ago he called me to his office and asked me straight away , How would I like to move to Miami? Now my office is on the 30th floor. Beautiful NY skyline view, you can see both the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridge. I have a cubicle, and whenever I have to go to one of the cabins and talk to the really important guys, even though I am talking to them, I am actually looking just over their heads, admiring the skyline, nodding my head and jutting in at the right moments. But that question brought me right back to the room. The perfect answer at the time would have been "I need time to think". I said to myself thats what I am going to say. And I said, No I wouldn't mind moving to Miami. Like those moments when the waitress asks if you are ready to order, and you are not but still you blurt out whatever you see on the menu. I was going to Miami, then and there in that room, it was decided.

I cant get NY out of my head. Within this orchard of concrete & glass trees, within this perfect lattice of bitumen resides the quintessential notion of a city. It is a personal life goal to live in this city for some time. I like to think that this place has never changed. A place where time accumulates, layer upon layer, era upon era. That afternoon as I was munching on the Pizza bought by The Big Boss (he buys lunch for the entire office whenever he is in town) I looked down upon a nearby Building - an apartment, with its open windows. A lady was sunbathing on the roof/penthouse. A person had his bed propped right up to his window and had an amazing view of the denizens on the street. A baby grasping the window and trying to stand as its mother/nanny looks on. Another apartment was filled with books. Everywhere. All so Woody Allenish.No, Woody Allen is NYish. All those people getting to live their lives in the city, and I was going away. It broke my heart, it did, that merry rent controlled downtown red building.

So Miami it is. Where Dexter and Burn Notice take place. Tony Montana's town. I hear they show Mallu movies in the theaters there. It cant be that bad ,rt? But I will miss this place. I guess more than NY , I am in love with the idea of NY. The life it represents. There is you and the city and the endless possibilities of life. With Simon & Garfunkel playing in the background. Even when you don't want it to.


SEV said...

That's awesome, dude. All the best in Miami.
Its a thought that I have never really come to terms with - leaving a place that you make home on your own (very different from home in India, where you can always go back to). Never knowing if/when you will come back.

Which is why you never say "Goodbye". Only "Fare well, I will see you later." The hope seems to help.

anangrawat said...

You brought a tear to my eye man