Sunday, September 19, 2010

If I had a Twitter account

I am one of those who believe that Twitter accounts should only be operated by celebrities. People who actually have an audience that would be willing to know when they are in the shower and if they are clipping their nails right now. You and me, we should just stick to our Facebook and Gmail status updates. But if I were to have an account, it would be a nifty of getting some observations across which don't necessarily warrant a blog post. Here goes

1) The biggest tragedy of my life is that I can't sing.

2) Just got my clock radio working. No longer waiting in my car waiting for the NPR story to finish.

3) @ Pakteam : Shame shame puppy shame.

4) Got stuck in the elevator, right after a screening of Devil. Creeeepy!!

5) @ Kipling: thats pretty much the definition of a Pompous self-righteous Asshole

6) @U2_360Tour : Can't stop listening to "And the ground beneath her feet"

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