Monday, October 29, 2007


Stop whatever you are doing,no matter how busy you are,go and watch "Jab We Met" now.WOW!!!Its all i can say after coming out of this flick.Its total time pass and still has standing to be classified as a good film.Lovely characters,great settings and locales and never-bores-you pace make this movie a must watch.I couldn't care less about the Shahid-Kareena pair in real life , but i really wanted them to get together in this film.No matter how much you hate kareena in real life, you will love her character in this film.She reinvents the bubbly,cheeky,peepy girl played so many times by Priety Zinta.I think her character is very unique and her fundas and outlook are totally like her from the start.Right from when she tells a guy who helps her onto a moving train to let go of her hand"itni bhi beautiful nahi hoon yaar"she says to everyone in the compartment.The script is top notch,you think what can be added to the boy meets girl formula,watch this and you will find out.Kudos to director and scriptwriter Imtiaz Ali for proving that good films can be made while staying within the realms of commercial bollywood.It is a road trip movie,a guy and a girl meet and fall in love during the journey, but the treatment is so fresh.the first half is a total non stop laugh riot .the songs too are great,though an item number after the credits made me think whether this was added by the producers?I loved Imtiaz Ali's first flick ,Socha Na Tha and with this he proves that he is no one hit wonder.Imtiaz Ali also provided the story for Shivam Nair's Debut Ahista Ahista which also is a great love story.I am glad that there are these talented directors out there making good movies,experimenting and coming out with fresh things.Rest assured i will line up for their next film.I like the fact that there is a lot of experimenting going on.Unconventional themes are being have films like Johnny Gaddar,No Smoking,Manorama Six Feet Under etc coming out.They are like the Indian Indi.You have mainstream partner, kind of bollywood and then these talented guys.i hope they are here to stay.


anangrawat said...

dude engineering chod de and become a full time reviewer

anangrawat said...

give up engineering and become a full time reviewer

Pai said...

nice film. saw it last day.