Thursday, October 25, 2007

Random Observations2: scenes from my life.

1)The Warehouse

The warehouse is real old group of buildings located near the Livingston Campus .they house all the ugly unwanted labs.Like a elephant graveyard, all lowly trades or labs with low fundings are sent here to die a slow death.They are built like the barracks you see in Commandoes and Call of Duty and imagine my surprise when i heard they were actually barracks during WWII!They are all in dilapidated states and this is also wher i have to perform ny duties as a Lab Ass.Can you see the red door in the first pic.Well thats where the immensely funded Civil Dept were given to serve as secondary labs.A few days back i decided i would see around the lab.Its actually quite near to my Apmnt.But I decided to catch a bus anyway,being the health conscious industrious person I am.It was a cloudy day and i knew it would be a cold night.I just glanced through the equipment in the lab and decided i will cross the river when I come top it and returned home.But I accidently stood at the wrong spot and the bus driver refused to stop for me.he pointed to me that 'there behind him was the bus stop.he gave a wave with his hand meaning i would never learn and sped away.Oh yeah, i can walk too, you know.And I decided to walk home.It was windy,slightly nad it was about to rain.The trees were silently acknoledging the appraching downpour by swaying to and fro.It was beautiful.just the way i like it.I stopped to take photos and got quite a few good ones.And as i was about to reah home the same driver came by and looked at me and shook his head and drove on.Well I dont like you too ,mister,i thought.It isnt such a good story,quite pointless,but I felt real good after that walk.Anyway there is a road that goes around the warehouse.surrounded by woods on the other side.i ,teja and pomplii have taken many walks around this road,when we were temp everyones so busy with coursework that no one shows up.

2)Our weekly trip to C-town.

We run out of milk and curd almost weekly.So we make regular trips to C-town, a grocery store.Its becoming almost like a saturday morning ritual.Teja and me and someone else from my house,jasmeet or Cibin.We get off george street and walk to the burger king.there we have a nice little breakfast.We have coupons that give you "1 ke badle 1" offer.this BK is filled with mexicans.In fact geaorge street is there province.they are everywhere.You find them on both side of the checkout desk.For them,by them.The coolest thing at BK is that you get unlimited fills for the drink you buy.Fill it up as much as you like.And we do.We drink to our fill and then fill it up and head to C-town.C-town has all the things you need and that you dont.We get both.That pic above is of george street.and the one below is inside C-town.they have a huge section dedicated to meats of all kind.You get tongues,kidneys,breasts,thighs and livers.Chicken is cheap,fish is not.We get can tell this place is tailored for the mexicans or to be more politically correct , the hombres from south of the border.There all types of potato like veggies,tortillas,tacos and chillis.the trouble is carrying the stuff home cause its like 100m to the bus stop.The other alternative is catching 2 buses.On weekends with the frequency of buses going doen i think that is the better option.We are out of curd,bread,milk and veggies.So yu dont care but i am going to C-town,b-yatch.

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