Saturday, November 24, 2007

My Black Friday Adventure Pt-2

It was Hari, who had called me at 5:30.Are you ready for the trip?he asked.i groaned as i realized i had forgotten all about the trip to Atlantic City.I was pretty tired,but i thought i would go, i called up rahul who was still sleeping and couldn't come.Next i turned to the AP bhavan.Teja and Sandy , were just sitting around thinking of what to do, when i called them and told them of the trip.We all got ready and since there were no buses, we again had to walk to the train station.As i met up the guys in front of hari's place,i found myself doubting whether i should go or not.My whole body was aching from last night.WTF.I thought, it rarely hang out with these guys nowadays.hari and Raghu from 10-A were the ones who accommodated me when i first landed here.Teja was also a temp acco there like me,,and thats how we came to know each other.The entire 10-A gang is cool,there are 5 of them and everyday is like being in a sitcom at their place.They get on with each other very well.So the 5 of us were joined by Sumit, another senior and we headed off to the station.We had to run cause the bus was supposed to come in front of the station in 30 mins.At the station, 2 other seniors,Pinakin(strange name) and rajesh.W took seats in the bus and I quickly fell asleep.When i woke up t was like we were passing through the desert with barren lands on all sides.I could see lights in the distance, which were the hotels and the casinos.We were here.I was feeling refreshed after the sleep.I later realised that the barren land were in fact water and we were near the shore,near the Atlantlic Ocean.Atlantic city, is called the Las Vegas of the west and is a gambling hub, full of the aforementioned casinos and hotels.We got off at the Caesars, and to show our IDs to prove we were 21.We got 17$ coupon which could be exchanged for cash to play at any of the hotels.We decided to get something to eat, and after having pizza at Papa John's,we started the casino,got our cash exchanged and headed to the many crowded place was filled with ppl, bright rows of slot machines and tables.we headed to roulette table and watched as Rajesh quadrupled his money.i was still making sense of the rules as we headed to another table."wheel of fortune" were you had to bet on several possible outcomes and if you guess it correctly you multiply your money by that many times.there are markings on the table that say, 1 to 1,2to1,5to1,10 to1,and 20 to1.and there are the same markings on the wheel that the dealer spins.and there are more 1to 1 than 2 to 1 and so on.the safe way to play is to always bet on 1 to 1 and simultaneous;ly bet on other slots too.But this is gambling, so ended up losing 15$.But it was good fun.We took photos at the many Caesar and Greek statues all decorated with Santa hats to signal the start of the holiday season and we lost more money and decided to go to another hotel.We stepped out into the cold, and spotted Bally's Wild Wild West.We got into what what was decorated with montages from the wild west.There was an entire mock town set up inside the hotel complete with slot machines and tables.the good thing was that the best were smaller here.Hari and raghu played the wheel of fortune while we all watched.Then i too decide to play.I lost in the beginning and then was going good.i realized slow and steady was the way.But i soon ran out of chips.Again it was good fun.God, these casino ppl must be making millions.We sat down for some time at a restaurant that was fashioned like a saloon from old times.I urged sandy and teja to play something, and sandy decided to try the slot machine.he put in a 5 dollar bill and got started.The min bet is 25 cents and he was going downhill.then he rammed in the last 4 coins, and spun.tung tung, the counters spun as he got 3 "roaring 20s" and got 10 times his he made 10 bucks, and cashed in.That was so lucky, and that too in the end.Soon we got Teja to play as well. he started off well from the beginning and soon he too made 10bucks.Inspired by them i too decided to try my hand and i lost 5 bucks.Any way it was good fun.We all decided to call it a night, some guys having lost more than 100 $ and catch the return bus at 2:30.I quickly made mental note come here and try my luck again.We had enough photos for orkut and good memories of our first time here.In the ride back home too I slept soundly...

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